Friday, November 16, 2007

Confession Of An American Thought Criminal

Confession Of An American Thought Criminal:

"Much to the chagrin of those of you who remain enslaved by the intellectual chains of your indoctrination or who are dedicated reactionaries, I have as much right to remain in the United States as you do. And I'm not going anywhere voluntarily. So save your emails offering me passage on a slow boat to Russia. One thing we can probably agree upon though is the sanctity of the Second Amendment. My .38 caliber and 12 gauge are ready. Just in case I need to exercise my right to defend family, hearth and home."

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Queer Mess

A Queer Mess:

"This is why Rowling said Dumbledore is gay. Because this country, and this world, is full of Michael Savagery. Because it is full of people who would very gladly shovel up all gay people and burn them in ovens, or who like to think that they would, and practically declare it on commercial airwaves in the land that God shed His Grace On. To call up an old phrase used by men feigning homosexuality,Oh, you savage, Michael! Crown they good with brotherhood, baby. "