Thursday, September 15, 2005

Citizens for Legitimate Government

Citizens for Legitimate Government:

"...but it's time to get more left-leaning liberals and outright leftists to at least POSE a threat, by getting organized and getting ARMED. It's time to get well past this liberal phobia and taboo about weapons and force. After all, our liberalism was won with a REVOLUTIONARY WAR! they used real guns in that war. The French Revolution was also a WAR and they used real weapons there too."

Left Turn: Notes from the Global Intifada

Left Turn: Notes from the Global Intifada:

"According to a report that's been circulated, Denise Young, one of those trapped in the convention center told family members, 'yes, there were young men with guns there, but they organized the crowd. They went to Canal Street and 'looted,' and brought back food and water for the old people and the babies, because nobody had eaten in days. When the police rolled down windows and yelled out 'the buses are coming,' the young men with guns organized the crowd in order: old people in front, women and children next, men in the back,just so that when the buses came, there would be priorities of who got out first.' But the buses never came. 'Lots of people being dropped off, nobody being picked up. Cops passing by, speeding off. We thought we were being left to die.'

We will never hear stories like this in corporate media because they don't want it to be known that people don't succeed because of government intervention but in spite of government intervention.

See George Fall

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Who killed John-John?

Who killed John-John?:

"Postscript: In a June, 1992 exclusive and published interview granted by President George H. W. Bush to Sarah McClendon, the grand dame of the White House press corps at the time:

"George Bush, what will the people do if they ever find out the truth about Iraq-gate and Iran contra? 'Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us.' "


George Galloway MP: Elements Within Government Using Terror Provocation Tactics :: from :: news from occupied Iraq - ch

George Galloway MP: Elements Within Government Using Terror Provocation Tactics :: from :: news from occupied Iraq - ch:

"'I 've already mentioned this hideous character Richard Pearle. I saw him the other day actually snarling 'you're next', threatening people with American military power, a man who couldn't punch his own way out of a wet paper bag, but ready to fight to the last with other people's last drop of blood. These people make my blood boil and they ought to make every right thinking person feel that way. We deserve better than to be governed by these gangsters.'

Mr Galloway went on to describe how it is always the elite draft dodging spoon-fed weaklings that strive for this kind of dominance over all, sacrificing the lives of others whilst swaggering around in their own bomber jackets playing up to the act."

(DV) Drolette: Dear Fellow Citizens of the World...

(DV) Drolette: Dear Fellow Citizens of the World... :

"Save yourselves.

America, my native country, a place I no longer recognize, is now an irredeemably wretched land shot through with lunacy and idiocy, a rogue nation on the prowl controlled by murderous madmen enthusiastically supported by tens of millions of
spiritually-impaired, common senseless, mentally ill, blood-lusting yahoos.

But why mince words?� America is a menace."

Blackwater "security forces" deputized to use lethal force in New Orleans.
Forced confinement in detention centers for evacuees.
Indefinite imprisonment of any american citizen if the president "thinks" they might pose a danger to the U.S.
Forced confiscation of legally registered firearms in areas determined to be a "disaster zone".

Wake up Idiots!!!!
Land of the Free?
The words ring hollow, and you morons handed your asses to the criminal bushco on gold plates that you paid for yourselves.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Healthy Hatred For Government

A Healthy Hatred For Government :
"There are those who continue to bluster as regards the State's 'incompetence; sorry, I no longer buy into that. The actions of FEMA in cutting temporary communications, and in misdirecting deliveries of bottled water and food rations, and the unconscionable actions of the Bush regime in sending in heavily armed military forces instead of emergency aid and rescue workers in a timely manner, and the rejection of all the emergency assistance offered by so many nations of the world, says it all.The State, in the form of the Bush administration, hates US! And the statist gangsters might as well know it - we are beginning to hate them right back!"