Monday, February 28, 2005

A Culture of Pharisees 

A Culture of Pharisees : "We have become a culture of Pharisees. Instead of practicing an authentic spirituality of compassion, nonviolence, love and peace, we as a collective people have become self-righteous, arrogant, powerful, murderous hypocrites who dominate and kill others in the name of God. The Pharisees supported the brutal Roman rulers and soldiers, and lived off the comforts of the empire by running an elaborate banking system which charged an exorbitant fee for ordinary people just to worship God in the Temple. Since they taught that God was present only in the Temple, they were able to control the entire population. If anyone opposed their power or violated their law, the Pharisees could kill them on the spot, even in the holy sanctuary. 

Most North American Christians are now becoming more and more like these hypocritical Pharisees. We side with the rulers, the bankers, and the corporate millionaires and billionaires. We run the Pentagon, bless the bombing raids, support executions, make nuclear weapons and seek global domination for America as if that was what the nonviolent Jesus wants. And we dismiss anyone who disagrees with us. 

We have become a mean, vicious people, what the bible calls “stiff-necked people.” And we do it all with the mistaken belief that we have the blessing of God. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Daily Kos

Daily Kos: "Inside the hall, the biggest applause line of the event was generated early on when Santorum asked a rhetorical question about demographics and funding: 'what happens in 2008?' Before he could answer his own question, someone shouted 'Bush leaves office,' and the room went wild."


FEDERAL MURDER: "In an exclusive interview with American Free Press, Mrs. Yeaky said that her husband had been upset by something he had seen under the day care center during the rescue operation. He had wanted to go back and photograph it, but the officials would not let him onto the site again.

She said Yeakey had been ordered by his superiors at OCPD to rewrite his nine-page report to omit and alter certain facts and to condense it to but one page.

Moral Politics - A Morality-Based Political Test

Moral Politics - A Morality-Based Political Test

I took both the long and short test. The long test showed that I was a moderate conservative who most closely aligns with Gerald Ford. I did vote for him, but I atribute that to being 18 as much as anything else. I came out socialist on the short test, go figure. All in all it's an interesting test but I think it could use some work


Hmmm!: "For those of us who find the entire manner in which the Kerry campaign was conducted 'odd', including Kerry's abrupt concession, this is simply more evidence to support the suspicion that Kerry threw the 2004 election."

Monday, February 21, 2005

(DV) Frank: Farewll Hope

(DV) Frank: Farewll Hope: "The party bigwigs are surely thrilled. Especially if Dean can fill their campaign coffers with a surplus of grassroots cash.

Hold on. Don’t kid yourself, though. This certainly doesn’t mean Dean won’t continue to hobnob with the corporate fat cats like his filthy predecessors.  And don’t count on Deano to disclose campaign finances either. Just look at Vermont where his boys gutted the only law that called for even the slightest transparency in the state’s public elections.

No, this whole DNC thing smells of rot. Let’s hope that the Deaniacs (the few not having multiple orgasms over this “success”) break ranks and hang Howard Dean and the Democrats out to dry like a pair of stanky old socks.  That’s the only way victory could ever come out of this calamity."

Hunter S. Thompson

Hunter S. Thompson: "'Who does vote for these dishonest shitheads?' he writes, referring to the people currently occupying the White House. 'They are the racists and hate mongers among us -- they are the Ku Klux Klan. I piss down the throats of these Nazis.'"

We'll miss ya Hunter!

Tonight at Toca’s bar -- Hunter’s bar in San Francisco -- I will attempt to talk to that angry God that is punishing Red America. And I will attempt to talk to that broken hearted ghost who loved America so much. Anything is possible tonight at Toca’s bar, because tonight in the Toca the American Dream will again live.

Hunter requests the last big boom, ashes shot from a cannon

US Military, President Out of Control What Does 'Mildly Radioactive' Mean, Anyway?

US Military, President Out of Control What Does 'Mildly Radioactive' Mean, Anyway?: "-- The Russians just recently stopped a weightlifter coming across the border with about 100 pounds of 'highly radioactive depleted uranium.' The guy said he was using it for dumbbells in weightlifting.
The American Department of Defense and other government departments all are unanimous in calling so-called depleted uranium 'mildly radioactive depleted uranium.' They like to use it for bombs, shells and heavy caliber bullets.
Highly radioactive, mildly radioactive, moderately radioactive.
What does it mean? Whom to believe?
The godless former Commies or the brave Iraq-smashing Americans?"

Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Atrocities Of A Pale Rider - John D. Negroponte

The Atrocities Of A Pale Rider - John D. Negroponte

I was stationed in Vietnam as a combat soldier at the same time Negroponte was assigned to Vietnam. It was there I saw some of my brothers laid low from heroin overdose. It was also there, that I promised myself that if I survived that war, I would initiate my own personal war against drug trafficking. In 1979, I became one of the very few Latinos DEA agents.

From 1985 to 1991, I was assigned to Honduras, Guatemala, Belize and El Salvador. As one of two DEA agents that covered those countries, I observed that our U.S. government was complicit in drug trafficking and human rights violations. The area was rife with rebellion, gunrunning, and a perception that communism was on the move towards our back yards. One of my job descriptions was to train members of their military intelligence on the interdiction of drugs. However, most of my time was spent assisting the CIA in training the death squads.

They unleashed a sadistic "scorched earth" campaign, basing itself on the murderous theory that the only way to combat the leftist guerrillas' resistance was to "empty the sea" in which the guerillas swam. Thus these death squads set about committing genocide against the indigenous population. The same blue prints that were used in Vietnam were implemented in Central America and once again, "worked." There are hundreds of secret cemeteries all over Central America, enough to us keep digging for another 10 years. There is no doubt that these same blueprints will be used in Iraq.

In Honduras, I saw first hand how Negroponte and General Alvarez committed some of the worst human rights violations ever committed against humanity in the Western Hemisphere. In 1994, the Honduran Human Rights Commission charged Negroponte personally with several human rights abuses.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Trust me!

Social InSecurity Calculator, Try it now!

Only Idiots Could Trust These Guys

Last year I read The Silent American a book by Graham Greene. It’s a fantastic book set in Vietnam just prior to the escalation of american involvement. Greene describes the CIA’s use of bicycle bombs to terrorize the populace of south vietnam. The bombings were then blamed on the vietcong. If such a scenario were merely a literary device used to entertain it would be easy enough to ignore it as such.

After 9/11 when holes began to appear in the official versions of events and hundreds of questions went unanswered, disturbing patterns began to emerge. Patterns which seem to support interpretations of the events surrounding 9/11 that point to either direct involvement, or complicity by some in the government, in the horror of that day.

The CIA has a long history of funding terroristic actions in order to advance it’s agenda. An article exploring some of this history can be found here.

If elements of the u.s. government are willing to use such measures over the course of decades against others to get what they want, then what would stop them from using these same methods against us? What is doubly disturbing is the people that dub surrounds himself with are often key players in many of these types of actions in other countries, indeed bushie boy’s daddy was the big guy in the CIA at one time.

It’s obvious that the real reasons for the invasion of Iraq have never been revealed by this administration. Bushco is not an organization known for its transparency.What we do know is a patchwork of leaks and reluctantly released documents that serve to futher implicate those in power of participation in a policy of deliberate deception of the american public.

Nothing they do encourages a sense of trust.

Appointees spark controversy

: "Negroponte has claimed he never saw any credible evidence of human rights abuses by Battalion 316. But Jimmy Carter’s Honduran ambassador, Jack Binns, has said he prepared a briefing book for Negroponte that addressed the rise of abuses by the military.

Honduran newspapers carried hundreds of stories about the abuses at the time, and a recent Los Angeles Times investigation concluded that Negroponte quashed several reports of Honduran military abuses, “including one U.S.-backed operation that resulted in the execution of nine prisoners and the disappearance of an American priest,” Fr. James Carney."

And now this bozo is in charge of protecting us against terrorist attacks...I feel safe.

Ecstasy trials for combat stress

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Ecstasy trials for combat stress: "American soldiers traumatised by fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan are to be offered the drug ecstasy to help free them of flashbacks and recurring nightmares."

Making recruitment quotas should be a lot easier now!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Find the Evil Leftists!!!

Wonkette turned me on to this site. Well, I mean I read about it on her site. Like she would even say hi to me.

Anyway, I checked it out. what a hoot! I propose that we all enter our own names for inclusion in the hall of fame.

Click on;

Submit A Search Name

and start the process of gaining a place along side notable leftists such as Fidel Castro, Bill Moyers, and everybodys favorite party animal Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Ayatollah Khomeini !?! A leftist!?!

Wow, such brilliant investigative reporting!

And here I always thought that he was a Theocratic Totalitarian.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Refuse The National ID Card!

Refuse The National ID Card!

Here it comes IDIOTS!!!
Your cozy, safe, little world courtesy of the bush puke admin.

You hafff nothink to worry about mein frere!!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Eyes Wide Open : An Exhibition on the Human Cost of the Iraq War : AFSC

Eyes Wide Open : An Exhibition on the Human Cost of the Iraq War : AFSC
Ya yellow bellied, snake handlin', dirt eatin', red state livin' COWARDS!!!!


Watch the movie!


Go to this site and look at these pictures, dare to tell me you are a compassionate christian.
Compassion at work in Iraq

You won't,
You can't

you are nothing more than dirt ignorant cowards.

(DV) Ritter: The War on Iraq Has Made Moral Cowards of Us All

(DV) Ritter: The War on Iraq Has Made Moral Cowards of Us All: "But we all are moral cowards when it comes to Iraq. Our collective inability to summon the requisite shame and rage when confronted by an estimate of 100,000 dead Iraqi civilians in the prosecution of an illegal and unjust war not only condemns us, but adds credibility to those who oppose us."

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Shattered Glass (...and the milk it spilled)

The Shattered Glass (...and the milk it spilled) : "What kind of lies have you been telling yourself that America is the land of the free and the home of the brave? Are you still feeding your children this crap? America is the land of racist mass murderers. And you wave your flag and cheer as the rest of the world bleeds."

Few Americans know that America's involvement in World War I was triggered by a deliberate deception known as the sinking of the Lusitania, which was a passenger ship torpedoed by a German U-boat that changed public opinion in America from neutral to pro-war.

America eventually went to war over the incident, after first concealing that the Lusitania was covertly carrying ammunition to Britain, and that fact had been deliberately leaked to German intelligence to assure a suitable public affront to American dignity.

World War II was triggered by an almost identical process. Americans did not want to participate in another European war, but it's well known now that Franklin Roosevelt goaded the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor,

And Vietnam. Surely you've heard by now. The famous Gulf of Tonkin incident, in which the Vietnamese supposedly opened fire on a U.S. ship, never happened. It was a total fabrication that triggered 20 years of misery for all and killed up to four million people, but the bankers who start these things made out like the bandits they are. They even loaned money to the Russians who furnished weapons to the Viets just to prolong this profitable operation as long as possible.

Most of you still remember Saddam, the Iraqi stoolie put in power by the Americans, and, thirty years later, declared to be the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.
Our leaders said Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, so we bombed. But now we know he had no such weapons, and yet still we bomb.
The bad perpetrators of 9/11 were hiding in Afghanistan, they told us, so we bombed. But when we had the chance to catch them, we didn't want to, and still we bomb.

Monday, February 07, 2005

EPIC 2014

EPIC 2014

This is one of the most perceptive explorations of near future trends in media and marketing that I've ever run across. It's too cool! (requires flash)

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Dispatches From Iraq - What happens when Iraq's ethnic conflicts are jammed into one very small place? By Wendell Steavenson

Dispatches From Iraq - What happens when Iraq's ethnic conflicts are jammed into one very small place? By Wendell Steavenson

Check out the journal of graffiti later in the article!

BBC NEWS | In Pictures | In pictures: Baghdad blast wall art

BBC NEWS | In Pictures | In pictures: Baghdad blast wall art

Some People Push Back

Some People Push Back: Oh, yeah, FBI counterintelligence personnel have proven quite adept at framing anarchists, communists and Black Panthers, sometimes murdering them in their beds or the electric chair. The Bureau's SWAT units have displayed their ability to combat child abuse in Waco by burning babies alive, and its vaunted Crime Lab has been shown to pad its "crime-fighting' statistics by fabricating evidence against many an alleged car thief. But actual "heavy-duty bad guys" of the sort at issue now? This isn't a Bruce Willis/Chuck Norris/Sly Stallone movie, after all.. And J. Edgar Hoover doesn't get to approve either the script or the casting.

The number of spies, saboteurs and bona fide terrorists apprehended, or even detected by the FBI in the course of its long and slimy history could be counted on one's fingers and toes. On occasion, its agents have even turned out to be the spies, and, in many instances, the terrorists as well.

To be fair once again, if the Bureau functions as at best a carnival of clowns where its "domestic security responsibilities" are concerned, this is because – regardless of official hype – it has none. It is now, as it's always been, the national political police force, an instrument created and perfected to ensure that all Americans, not just the consenting mass, are "free" to do exactly as they're told.

The FBI and "cooperating agencies" can be thus relied upon to set about "protecting freedom" by destroying whatever rights and liberties were left to U.S. citizens before September 11 (in fact, they've already received authorization to begin). Sheeplike, the great majority of Americans can also be counted upon to bleat their approval, at least in the short run, believing as they always do that the nasty implications of what they're doing will pertain only to others.

Oh Yeah, and "The Company," Too

A possibly even sicker joke is the notion, suddenly in vogue, that the CIA will be able to pinpoint "terrorist threats," "rooting out their infrastructure" where it exists and/or "terminating" it before it can materialize, if only it's allowed to beef up its "human intelligence gathering capacity" in an unrestrained manner (including full-bore operations inside the US, of course).

Yeah. Right.

Since America has a collective attention-span of about 15 minutes, a little refresher seems in order: "The Company" had something like a quarter-million people serving as "intelligence assets" by feeding it information in Vietnam in 1968, and it couldn't even predict the Tet Offensive. God knows how many spies it was fielding against the USSR at the height of Ronald Reagan's version of the Cold War, and it was still caught flatfooted by the collapse of the Soviet Union. As to destroying "terrorist infrastructures," one would do well to remember Operation Phoenix, another product of its open season in Vietnam. In that one, the CIA enlisted elite US units like the Navy Seals and Army Special Forces, as well as those of friendly countries – the south Vietnamese Rangers, for example, and Australian SAS – to run around "neutralizing" folks targeted by The Company's legion of snitches as "guerrillas" (as those now known as "terrorists" were then called).

Sound familiar?

Upwards of 40,000 people – mostly bystanders, as it turns out – were murdered by Phoenix hit teams before the guerrillas, stronger than ever, ran the US and its collaborators out of their country altogether. And these are the guys who are gonna save the day, if unleashed to do their thing in North America?

The net impact of all this "counterterrorism" activity upon the combat teams' ability to do what they came to do, of course, will be nil.

Instead, it's likely to make it easier for them to operate (it's worked that way in places like Northern Ireland). And, since denying Americans the luxury of reaping the benefits of genocide in comfort was self-evidently a key objective of the WTC/Pentagon assaults, it can be stated unequivocally that a more overt display of the police state mentality already pervading this country simply confirms the magnitude of their victory.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Principal bans 'anti-military,' 'anti-American' materials - Wednesday, 02/02/05

Hey IDIOTS!!! Them commie quakers and veterans against the war are tryin' to convert your kids. IMAGINE the gall of quotin' that traitor Eisenhower.

Principal bans 'anti-military,' 'anti-American' materials -
Wednesday, 02/02/05
: (he)"specified some quotes in the literature that he objected to, including one from a 1953 speech by President Eisenhower that said, ''Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed. Those who are cold and are not clothed.''

Another quote from an unknown author said, ''The Army that can defeat terrorism doesn't drive Humvees, or call in airstrikes. ... It undermines military dictatorship and military lobbyists. It subverts sweatshops and special interests.''"

Republic Broadcasting Network -

Republic Broadcasting Network - : "I know many Christians that need to start weaning themselves from the brainwashing of the Dominionistas and the Republican Neocon Fascists that have taken control of the RNC. Christianity is not about power, greed, entitlement, world conquest, Empire building, or looking the other way on the evil that is going on inside of our government in our name - and wrapping that up in the flag and pretending that evil and wrong conduct is Christianity.

Just when I've decided that the Christian Right is completely corrupt a guy like this comes along. Sheesh!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Children of Iraq

The Children of Iraq

Everyone of you that support this war should be forced to look at these pictures. especially the ones towards the bottom of the page.

But you won't because your too self centered and self serving to care. Did I mention you are also IDIOTS!!!

Urination on you all, you self rightous bags of excrement! None of you that voted for the puke that started this war deserve to have freedom. The faster the neocons convince you to surrender it so you'll be safe from these kids, the better.