Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Children of Iraq

The Children of Iraq

Everyone of you that support this war should be forced to look at these pictures. especially the ones towards the bottom of the page.

But you won't because your too self centered and self serving to care. Did I mention you are also IDIOTS!!!

Urination on you all, you self rightous bags of excrement! None of you that voted for the puke that started this war deserve to have freedom. The faster the neocons convince you to surrender it so you'll be safe from these kids, the better.

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SheaNC said...

I wonder if they are still welcoming us a liberators? I missed the part where they throw flowers. I think those kids, should any of them survive, will grow up to depise the U.S. and western culture in general.

And this is another thing that pisses me off: the Bush/Cheney fascists have convinced their gullible followers that this is supposed to eradicate terrorism? It is so obvious that their real plan is to nurture terrorism to ensure purpetual war, and thus guarantee the continued income of their military industrial complex.

I wanted something else for the 21st century than the realization of an apocalyptic sci-fi movie. Damn.