Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Great American Treason

The Great American Treason: "And, if the election results of 2004 are to be believed, 'even after the dictatorial character of the Bush regime had revealed itself, over 50 percent of the American people voted for the [neo-fascists],' and many on the basis of the very distortions of Christianity that Hitler so openly exploited--a deceptive, pseudo-Christianity that substitutes hatred for love, that promotes arrogant self-righteousness over tolerance, that conceals its abuses of fellow human beings beneath ostentatious platitudes about morality, that seeks to impose alleged 'moral' values upon others that it feels absolutely no obligation to impose upon itself, and that, as Hitler said, seduces people into believing hell is heaven and heaven is hell.

ARIANNA ONLINE - December 21, 2004 - Will The GOP Nuke The Constitution?

ARIANNA ONLINE - December 21, 2004 - Will The GOP Nuke The Constitution?

Kiss it Goodbye IDIOTS you voted for them!

It Can't Happen Here

It Can't Happen Here
1. I take back almost everything I said about nukkin' tepot, I mean texez. ( I kinda like that spelling, sorta aztec like! texez. ;)

2. I can't believe that Ron Paul is a repuke!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Screw heads and the Doomed

In the movie Where the Buffalo Roam, Hunter S. Thompson, played by Bill Murray engages Richard Nixon in a bit of men’s room chat as Nixon attempts to get his prostrate to relax enough actually let him pass water. As the piss dribbles from his enflamed sphincter, Nixon grunts and groans in agony. Hunter proceeds to break the world down into two types of people, the screw heads and the doomed.

We are the doomed.

And by this I don’t mean all the poor deluded fools that voted for Kerry, thinking that anything and I do mean anything, had to be better than shrub. I mean the MAJORITY of america are the doomed. The Minority are the screw heads.

The minority knows that they are such; they are a special few that control vast amounts of wealth and have power we the doomed can’t even comprehend. But they are the minority. If the majority, the doomed ever figured out what the minority were up to there would be,

“… a lotta ‘splainin’ to do Lucy”.

We won’t, we’re the doomed remember? The screw heads have attended the best schools in the world. And even if some of them only averaged “C’s” they have all learned the lessons of history well and one of the best of those lessons can be summed up in the phrase, “…divide and conquer”, and that my fellow doomed, is exactly what they’ve done, they have divided and conquered the doomed majority of the u.s

Hacks like Limbaugh and Hannity rave about the liberal elite that want to destroy the American values of marriage and family. And in doing so create fear and distrust of people that basically just want to be left alone so that they can figure out what life is really about.

Hacks like Moore and Franken denigrate conservative values like church and family as backwater havens of the neo nazi movement. And like their counterparts on the right create an atmosphere of fear and distrust of people that basically want to be left alone so that they can figure out what life is really about.


Mission Accomplished, I’ve got Your Back, I Feel Your Pain, Read My Lips.

The doomed need a mantra of their own, one that they can chant repeatedly every time the screw heads start with their incantations of divisiveness. It was given to us in ages past by a man that probably had no idea what he was really doing. And if he did have some inkling of its importance, probably had no idea how crucial it would be to the survival of this country.

The mantra is this, and I want each one of you to start chanting it under your breath, no out LOUD, every time you hear something from some jack-ass with a microphone saying something that makes you distrust your neighbor.

‘…life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”


If we all would realize that this mantra could shut the screw heads down, we would soon realize that the vast majority of people here in the united states just want to be left alone to try to create the best lives we can for ourselves and the ones we love.

But we won’t we’re the doomed, remember?

As he shook the last feeble drops into the urinal Nixon leaned towards Hunter and uttered the words that the screw heads live by. " Thompson," he said,

"Fuck the doomed!”

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Darwin's Cat: When Whizzing Kills: This Holiday Warning is a Public Service to the Reality-Based Community

Darwin's Cat: When Whizzing Kills: This Holiday Warning is a Public Service to the Reality-Based Community: "A harrowing tale. And here's another. The great heart of Elvis Presley stopped when his determination to pass a difficult stool came up against the refusal of the lower colon to part with it. When the forehead veins bulge in exertion, gentleman, see it as a red flag."

Dear George: Letters to the President

Dear George: Letters to the President: "I will continue to pray than an 'anvil' will fall on his head, he'll wake up and become at least a real compassionate conservative and not some brainwashed-drug-abusing-recovering-neocon-puppet.


Peace, May you learn to walk behind Christ.

Age 87
N. Bend , OR"

'Podcast' Your World

'Podcast' Your World
Be heard! Literally!!!

Message From the Central Screwtinizer!

this is an audio post - click to play

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Imagine, the anarchist's world anthem


Imagine there's no heaven,
It's easy if you try,
No hell below us,
Above us only sky,
Imagine all the people
living for today...

Imagine there's no countries,
It isnt hard to do,
Nothing to kill or die for,
No religion too,
Imagine all the people
living life in peace...

Imagine no possesions,
I wonder if you can,
No need for greed or hunger,
A brotherhood of man,
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...

You may say Im a dreamer,
but Im not the only one,
I hope some day you'll join us,
And the world will live as one.

Written by: John Lennon


DRUDGE REPORT FLASH 2004�Somebody finally tells it like it is!!! CHEVY CHASE ROCKS!!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Swans Commentary: Empire Of Amnesia, 2004, by John Steppling - johns06

Swans Commentary: Empire Of Amnesia, 2004, by John Steppling - johns06: "The year where photographic evidence of torture didn't have the legs of American Idol; where 100,000 dead civilians was brushed aside with little thought...the better to scream moronically that Kerry MUST be elected, since he would...well, kill the same number of the 'other;' where the polar ice cap can be seen from space to be dissolving and where the routine discussion of tactical nuclear weaponry seems normal; where millions world wide suffer contamination from American depleted uranium, is a year of unreality. So much we must forget.

God is too busy , we have to take care of ourselves.

Well semester’s end, and at last, I have a bit of time now to truly relax and contemplate what has been going on in my life.

Not much, you?

I steal the line from a radio show that is a favorite of my kids. :)

What has happened is:

The u.s. is still under occupation, so is iraq,
this makes us brothers in arms.

The world is still full of IDIOTS who believe that what they hear on t.v. is either liberal propaganda or the truth, which depends on whether the info supports their point of view or contradicts it.

The world is full of IDIOTS who believe that what they hear on t.v. is either right wing propaganda or the truth, which depends on whether the info supports their point of view or contradicts it.

I was directed by the hand of the almighty to the world of blogging, the hand of the almighty belonging to a true friend of mine who turned me on to his site and consequently sparked the genesis of my own.

The hand of the almighty is ever present in the act of creation.

These things have lead to a number of epiphanies:

About half the u.s. population is smart enough not to participate in the sham that we try to pass off as “free elections”. I was not one of them.

I’m an anarchist. It’s the only hope.

I’m a deist, yep there is a god but it’s way too busy to become involved with the petty affairs of a bunch of hairless apes.

Which leads to the conclusion that the only hope we have is taking care of each other, we sure as hell can’t count on god pullin’ our ass out of the fire.

So, my point is?

‘Tis this. Let’s all make a valiant effort to pull our heads out of whatever orifice that keeps us in the dark and start judging our actions and the actions of others by how much they help all the people in the world, ‘cause god is way to busy to protect us from ourselves.

Deism: Reason and Spirituality

Deism: Reason and Spirituality
I've added the link, find out why!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Gary Webb Death - New Math Of Bush Reporter 'Suicides'

Gary Webb Death - New Math Of Bush Reporter 'Suicides'
This is what happens to you if you piss bushie boy off...
Oh, I mean... I'm sorry Mr. President, no disrespect meant.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Lenni Brenner: Jefferson, Madison, Bush and Religion

Lenni Brenner: Jefferson, Madison, Bush and Religion: "There is an obvious conclusion to be drawn from reading Jefferson & Madison: There is nothing of them in today's Democratic & Republican parties. They claim to uphold Madison's Bill of Rights. But does anyone think they will live to see Bush, or future Republican or Democratic Presidents, saying what he said of government chaplains, much less proposing to abolish them?"

Nazi photos

Nazi photos
Why do so many of the photo op's of the reich look like the photo op's of the repukes?

Thursday, December 09, 2004

What Are You...On Drugs?

What Are You...On Drugs?
44% of Americans are corporate crack whores!

Is Bush The Antichrist?

Is Bush The Antichrist?: "In his Open Letter to George Bush, published in Real Change, Lang thunders, 'You claim Christ but act like Caesar. There is blood all over your hands with the promise of even more blood to come. You sit atop the nations like the Biblical Whore of Babylon openly fornicating with the military men of might.' "

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Quote from Emma Goldman

The State is the altar of political freedom and, like the religious altar, it is maintained for the purpose of human sacrifice.

Anarchy for Anybody

Anarchy for Anybody: "If you're looking to make bombs or drugs, do yourself a favor and DON'T; why poison yourself or blow your hand off when you'd be better off learning what anarchism is really about? Avoid the Anarchist Cookbook; it's junk -- anarchy isn't about blowing people up, about terrorizing or killing people; it's about working people organizing against illegitimate authority, which is a lot more fun than sitting in your basement making bombs or growing weed in your bathtub!

Central Intelligence Agency Homepage for Kids

Central Intelligence Agency Homepage for Kids
Hey parents! Do you really want your children thinking the spooks are a touchy feely organization? Jeeze, even the FBI thinks they're thugs!

Toby's World Guinea Pig Family Fun Website Green Scene: Eco-Business

Toby's World Guinea Pig Family Fun Website Green Scene: Eco-Business
To hell with Kentucky Fried Chicken, I'm talkin' Kentucky Fried Cuy!
If ya' ever want to get rid of yer kid's guinea pig let me know.

Emergency Alert: National ID/Patriot Act 2 Legislation On Verge Of Passing

Emergency Alert: National ID/Patriot Act 2 Legislation On Verge Of Passing
Show me your papers!! IDIOTS!!! Nazi Amerika is here and it's all your beloved conservative fuhror doing it. Ve are doink it for your own protection! Arnie for president anyone?

When Technology Gets Personal

When Technology Gets Personal
Resistance is Futile! You Will be Assimilated!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Let's all quit sucking big oil's nozzle! There are alternatives!

Monday, December 06, 2004

Do diesels have a future? Journey to Forever

Do diesels have a future? Journey to Forever
Last winter I bought a 1985 Ford Escort Diesel for less than 300 bucks. It averages around 40 miles a gallon. It does tend to run a little cold at -20 F or colder. But that is a problem with most cars up here, at least the ones I can afford! Check out the VW Lupo, how does 100 mpg sound? Come on bushie boy! How's about mandating a cut in big oil's profit margin to make us safer from Osama? Let's push increased fuel economy! Oh... I forgot, your only concern is big oil.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Saudi Arabia: For women, votes are keys to the kingdom

Saudi Arabia: For women, votes are keys to the kingdom
The UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are in fact the only three Arab countries without suffrage for women. All three are close U.S. allies, and yet the Bush administration, which made much of women's participation in Afghanistan's recent elections, is strangely quiet on women's rights and suffrage in these Gulf countries. The silence is particularly ironic considering that Iraq was the first Arab country to give women the vote, in 1948

Canyon In The Heart An abyss of icy silence divides those who care from those who don't.

Canyon In The Heart An abyss of icy silence divides those who care from those who don't.
I could try to write something this insightful but just thinking about how IDIOTIC! the 51% have become sends me into spasms of uncontrollabel rage. Read this it's good!

Friday, December 03, 2004

Fallujah in Pictures

Fallujah in Pictures
HEY IDIOTS!!! Pictures and numbers, what the war really is about. What else do you need...oh yeah, a brain.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Monday, November 29, 2004

nukkin' spitexas

It ain't lookin' good for teehoos. Unfortunately there has been an underwhelming response in reasons not to nuke the lone brain cell state. Well, they are famous for bar bee que!!! yee haa!!!


Well another weekend of gluttony. No, I didn't fast in support of my Iraqi brethren. I did give a moment in reflection of our complicity in the carnage in the middle east. I attended meeting at the local Friends House. I think I've finally found a like minded group of "christians". They are a bit more pacifistic than I tend to be, but isn't that what christ advocated? Yeah, well if some IDIOT threatens me or mine with bodily harm woe be to them if I have the physical means to smite them. ( I can talk that bibliacal shit wid the bes of 'em! ) But back to the quaker thing. They's a good thing and I suggest if you have been rather alienated by the majority of "x-tians" seek ye the house of the quakers, be still, be in the light.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

reasons not to nuke texas

I've decided to start a list of reasons NOT to nuke texas. Add the previous four to; ... my parents and sister's family live there. Well, except for the kids, they all voted for shrub, so I guess that's not a reason to spare them. But there has to be other reasons not to glass 'em over. Come on!!! Help me out here! I have family there. I mean really!

Tejas isn't completely hopeless

Willy Nelson, Doug Sahm, Ron Paul, Kinky Freidman.

Blame The Morons, Not The Messenger

Blame The Morons, Not The Messenger
Morons, Idiots. They's all the same. Don't blame the marine or the camera man.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

epiphany in reflection of atrocities in Iraq

Has anybody read The Quiet American, by Graham Green? Idiots are excused of course because they are too busy reading horse manure by Ann-S "Colt"er, (which means she likes doing what with young horses?). And Plush Limp-bowels, (which was the reason he avoided forced conscription in Vietnam).

Set in Vietnam between the french occupation and the u.s. occupation. It details the involvement of the cia in shaping world opinion of the insurgency by among other things, staging bombings in crowded market places, the infamous "bicycle bombings". Given the natural increase in sophistication of all things in the years that have passed since then. Can it not be assumed that the atrocities that have been attributed to the resistance in Iraq may have been "enhanced" by our oh so capable, spooks?

There are still serious holes in the execution of Margret Hassan and the beheading of Nick Berg. (was he a quiet american?)

Rumors abound, rumors abound. One thing I know for sure. We will regret Iran (oops! a Freudian slip, tee hee, I meant Iraq) every bit if not more than Vietnam.

Sub note to Idiots, you don't need to read the book, there's a movie!

Screams from the Wilderness

Screams from the Wilderness
CHECK IT OUT! A site that isn't afraid to ask the question, "why the F*#K are the majority of white texans willing to go down on the persidunce of the u.s.?

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Don't blame the Marine

I know, it's a sick fucking feeling to see the footage of the kid shooting an unarmed, wounded man in a holy place. But if we're going to blame someone for it we need to blame the idiots that put the kid there in the first place. And right along with that blame of our own stupidity we need to blame the tactics used by the resistance. They are every bit as reprehensible as dropping cluster bombs in civillian areas. When the resistance resorts to booby trapping corpses and the wounded left behind, beheadings of aide workers , suicide bombings in resturaunts, and disembowelings of females they diminish the ability of the sane voices in the oppressing country to enact change.

But in reality they are no different from us. We have justified the horrors of inhumanity through our religion. We've twisted the basic premise of humility before the awesome power of creation, and compassion towards all that was created, to explain our attrocities against god.

and in our combination we still result in no more than a warm bucket of shit.

t r u t h o u t - William Rivers Pitt | His Red Right Hand

t r u t h o u t - William Rivers Pitt | His Red Right Hand
Idiots should sleep better after hearing this news!

Monday, November 15, 2004

red state wads

Piss on ya!

so concerned with yer cable-istic, maximalistic, denialistic, moralistic world view that you could give a flying fuck about a blinded, legs blown off, brain damaged Iraqi baby

'cause "they" are not "us".

They are you.

Yer tearin' off your penis in a vain effort to show how macho you are. All the while presenting your vulnerable ass to the ones who own you.

The pictures of the young Marines never to come home

and the pictures of the young Marines never,

and the pictures of the young...

so sure the fight was right

and the responsibility is ours the blood is on our hands
the war is just another "issue" that we base our vote on.

you don't deserve the life you have if your don't ache, really ache, at the loss of any innocent life.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Down With Fancy Book Learnin'

Down With Fancy Book Learnin'
See I told ya so! IDIOTS ON THE MARCH!

Wake Up Call - What Will YOU Do When It's Too Late?

Wake Up Call - What Will YOU Do When It's Too Late?
Code Red and Internment camps. Arm Yourselves! (with knowledge of course)

Reconquest of Atzlan

Remember the U.S. war of 1846? Tee hee, of course you don't. History class was a distraction from Mary's ass. If you think the South is gonna rise again you is right! The reconquest of Atzlan is happening now! Lest you think me a bigot that would wish to deny the brown ones their rightful due, let me say I rejoice in the poetic justice of the reconquest. After all the war of 1846 was just another example of a US imperial land grab. They’re just grabbing back, and they’re doing it in a genetically superior way, NONVIOLENTLY! VIVA ATZLAN!
Biggest deficit in history
Foreign intervention
Has yet to veto one spending bill
Massive increase in the size of the bureaucracy
yeah right!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Hey Idiots!

Why is it that the lower your IQ the more chance there is that you voted for georgie boy? Why is it that if you're white, go to church, and have a blue collar occupation the more likely you are to have voted for the biggest criminal to have ever held office?



....Just kidding!

Actually I feel sorry for you, and as zipper boy clinton once said "I feel your pain."

I do, I do, I feel your pain!

It must be painful to see the once truly dominant culture of the mighty white man sliding into oblivion right in front of your eyes. Everything you hold as most holy is imploding in on itself. Affordable housing, a good job in the factory, and now those damn homos want to hold hands in public! So you vote with your testicles, hoping against hope that this moronic thug that you voted for can slow it all down, maybe even stop it from happening.

Well it ain't gonna happen. You wads just gave up the family farm to the rain maker. You won't need a pot to piss in because the bastards in office right now are going to suck you dry. And you voted for them. HA!

Cobb/LaMarche '04 - Vote for hope. Vote for peace. Vote Green.

Cobb/LaMarche '04 - Vote for hope. Vote for peace. Vote Green.
The pansy-ass Demos won't do it so the MUY MACHO Greens step up to the plate! Viva el Verdes!

Sensory Overload: Free States vs. Slave States ~Oh How Far We've Come...

Sensory Overload: Free States vs. Slave States ~Oh How Far We've Come...
Ever hear the old saying "...the South will rise again!"?

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Open letter to the Religious Fundamentally Idiotic and their Weak Little god

Letter to the idiots:
Riddle me this, how the hell can same sex marriage threaten traditional marriage? Does the existence of a marrried same sex couple in the same room with a room full of high school football players predispose a sizable percentage of them to wanting to do something with their team mates butts other than merely slapping them? Oh I know, your afraid of the 50% or so of us that have tried "traditional" marriage and had them end in failure. You're sure that Joe's gonna say to himself, "hey that thing with a woman was a train wreck, I think I'll find something with even more of a moustache than my ex and marry me some man meat!" Granted there may be an argument that a greater portion of women would opt for a try with Mary. I've often maintained that if I were a woman I'd be a lesbian. Who could blame them?! I don't think it would happen though. Most women prefer men as their partners. who da thunk it? Almost like GOD made it that way on purpose!!!
Which brings me to my next question for you weak faith morons. Do you have to pass laws to protect your trembling weak knee'd god from the onlsaught of pitiable humans that believe in Live and Let Live? Is your faith in the power of God so tenuous that the thought of two guys kissing in the bedroom next door causes you to doubt God's existence?
You show yourselves to be reacting from a position of fear. you react to anyone who differs from you with anger and violence. In the process you diminish your faith and your god when you hurt another in "his" name. May one of the many faces of God have pity on your shriveled little souls.
-Mike of the North-