Monday, November 15, 2004

red state wads

Piss on ya!

so concerned with yer cable-istic, maximalistic, denialistic, moralistic world view that you could give a flying fuck about a blinded, legs blown off, brain damaged Iraqi baby

'cause "they" are not "us".

They are you.

Yer tearin' off your penis in a vain effort to show how macho you are. All the while presenting your vulnerable ass to the ones who own you.

The pictures of the young Marines never to come home

and the pictures of the young Marines never,

and the pictures of the young...

so sure the fight was right

and the responsibility is ours the blood is on our hands
the war is just another "issue" that we base our vote on.

you don't deserve the life you have if your don't ache, really ache, at the loss of any innocent life.

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