Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Don't blame the Marine

I know, it's a sick fucking feeling to see the footage of the kid shooting an unarmed, wounded man in a holy place. But if we're going to blame someone for it we need to blame the idiots that put the kid there in the first place. And right along with that blame of our own stupidity we need to blame the tactics used by the resistance. They are every bit as reprehensible as dropping cluster bombs in civillian areas. When the resistance resorts to booby trapping corpses and the wounded left behind, beheadings of aide workers , suicide bombings in resturaunts, and disembowelings of females they diminish the ability of the sane voices in the oppressing country to enact change.

But in reality they are no different from us. We have justified the horrors of inhumanity through our religion. We've twisted the basic premise of humility before the awesome power of creation, and compassion towards all that was created, to explain our attrocities against god.

and in our combination we still result in no more than a warm bucket of shit.

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SheaNC said...

I think we have to blame the Marine, because, unless I am mistaken, all soldiers are legally obligated to not commit illegal acts and to disobey illegal orders, and can be court-martialed if they do...

...ideally, that is.