Thursday, November 11, 2004

Hey Idiots!

Why is it that the lower your IQ the more chance there is that you voted for georgie boy? Why is it that if you're white, go to church, and have a blue collar occupation the more likely you are to have voted for the biggest criminal to have ever held office?



....Just kidding!

Actually I feel sorry for you, and as zipper boy clinton once said "I feel your pain."

I do, I do, I feel your pain!

It must be painful to see the once truly dominant culture of the mighty white man sliding into oblivion right in front of your eyes. Everything you hold as most holy is imploding in on itself. Affordable housing, a good job in the factory, and now those damn homos want to hold hands in public! So you vote with your testicles, hoping against hope that this moronic thug that you voted for can slow it all down, maybe even stop it from happening.

Well it ain't gonna happen. You wads just gave up the family farm to the rain maker. You won't need a pot to piss in because the bastards in office right now are going to suck you dry. And you voted for them. HA!

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SheaNC said...

Here's something someone sent to me:

An IQ run down on states that went for Bush or for Kerry:

The IQ numbers were originally attributed to the book "IQ and the Wealth of Nations", though they do not appear in the current edition. The tests and data were administered via the Raven's APT, and the The Test Agency, one of the UK's leading publishers and distributors of psychometric tests. These data have been published in the Economist and the St. Petersburg Times. Though the data correlate somewhat to IQ of students per state based on SAT/ACT data, they are likely biased toward persons who have completed a high school education. Someone has also taken 2000 census data on percentage of state residents that have earned a college degree and used that to to compare the voting in the 2000 election but those data seem to correlate as well. Coincidence? Or merely junk science (a well-perfected Bush Administration dark art)?

State Average IQ 2004

1 Connecticut 113 Kerry
2 Massachusetts 111 Kerry
3 New Jersey 111 Kerry
4 New York 109 Kerry
5 Rhode Island 107 Kerry
6 Hawaii 106 Kerry
7 Maryland 105 Kerry
8 New Hampshire 105 Kerry
9 Illinois 104 Kerry
10 Delaware 103 Kerry
11 Minnesota 102 Kerry
12 Vermont 102 Kerry
13 Washington 102 Kerry
14 California 101 Kerry
15 Pennsylvania 101 Kerry
16 Maine 100 Kerry
17 Virginia 100 Bush
18 Wisconsin 100 Kerry
19 Colorado 99 Bush
20 Iowa 99 Bush
21 Michigan 99 Kerry
22 Nevada 99 Bush
23 Ohio 99 Bush
24 Oregon 99 Kerry
25 Alaska 98 Bush
26 Florida 98 Bush
27 Missouri 98 Bush
28 Kansas 96 Bush
29 Nebraska 95 Bush
30 Arizona 94 Bush
31 Indiana 94 Bush
32 Tennessee 94 Bush
33 North Carolina 93 Bush
34 West Virginia 93 Bush
35 Arkansas 92 Bush
36 Georgia 92 Bush
37 Kentucky 92 Bush
38 New Mexico 92 Bush
39 North Dakota 92 Bush
40 Texas 92 Bush
41 Alabama 90 Bush
42 Louisiana 90 Bush
43 Montana 90 Bush
44 Oklahoma 90 Bush
45 South Dakota 90 Bush
46 South Carolina 89 Bush
47 Wyoming 89 Bush
48 Idaho 87 Bush
49 Utah 87 Bush
50 Mississippi 85 Bush