Sunday, November 21, 2004

epiphany in reflection of atrocities in Iraq

Has anybody read The Quiet American, by Graham Green? Idiots are excused of course because they are too busy reading horse manure by Ann-S "Colt"er, (which means she likes doing what with young horses?). And Plush Limp-bowels, (which was the reason he avoided forced conscription in Vietnam).

Set in Vietnam between the french occupation and the u.s. occupation. It details the involvement of the cia in shaping world opinion of the insurgency by among other things, staging bombings in crowded market places, the infamous "bicycle bombings". Given the natural increase in sophistication of all things in the years that have passed since then. Can it not be assumed that the atrocities that have been attributed to the resistance in Iraq may have been "enhanced" by our oh so capable, spooks?

There are still serious holes in the execution of Margret Hassan and the beheading of Nick Berg. (was he a quiet american?)

Rumors abound, rumors abound. One thing I know for sure. We will regret Iran (oops! a Freudian slip, tee hee, I meant Iraq) every bit if not more than Vietnam.

Sub note to Idiots, you don't need to read the book, there's a movie!


nidrajiva said...

Hi Mike,

Glad you liked my site. I am actually honored! But I am not sure what you meant by I plan to let my 7th grade class peruse your site. It is an amazing window into a world that we in the insular west rarely glimpse.. Are 7th graders gonna visit my blog? Gosh! I got to watch my language then! Anyways, do keep visiting my blog to hear daily ramblings from someone at the other end of the world :)

SheaNC said...

With regards to Iran... if the neocons think Iraq was bad, it ain't shit compared to Iran! Iran is bigger (3x the size of Iraq), badder, more heavily armed, more efficiently militarized, nuclear powered (or "nucular" for you republicans), and not currently crippled by UN sanctions. It has been surmised that Iraq was attacked simply because it was relatively small and in a weakened state, so it was supposed to be a shoo-in. Remember when Cheney et al said that the Iraqis would welcome us, throwing flowers, the war would be over in weeks, and Iraqi oil would pay for it? And Bush, etc., cannot even manage that war! If the neocons are so overconfident that they are ready to take on Iran, well... nice knowin' ya, everyone... duck and cover!