Monday, November 29, 2004


Well another weekend of gluttony. No, I didn't fast in support of my Iraqi brethren. I did give a moment in reflection of our complicity in the carnage in the middle east. I attended meeting at the local Friends House. I think I've finally found a like minded group of "christians". They are a bit more pacifistic than I tend to be, but isn't that what christ advocated? Yeah, well if some IDIOT threatens me or mine with bodily harm woe be to them if I have the physical means to smite them. ( I can talk that bibliacal shit wid the bes of 'em! ) But back to the quaker thing. They's a good thing and I suggest if you have been rather alienated by the majority of "x-tians" seek ye the house of the quakers, be still, be in the light.


SheaNC said...

My religion comes from an episode of the Beverly Hillbillies. Someone asked Jed Clampett what religion teh Clampett's were, and Jed replied, "We's Golden Rulers." I've always liked that. Still, since I'm quite the pacifist, I'll have to check out the Friends. Hey, have you ever checked out It has it all for the seeker.

Mike of the North said...

Shank my man, we's golden rulers! What else can we say? I'm right there with ya'. I'd appreciate it if you would check out the friend scene down there. I'd like to know your take on the situation. I'm listening to a Luna version of a guns n roses song "sweet child of mine" very nice! Followed up by, my morning jacket's 'One Big Holiday" have you heard them? i diggum!