Saturday, December 11, 2004

Lenni Brenner: Jefferson, Madison, Bush and Religion

Lenni Brenner: Jefferson, Madison, Bush and Religion: "There is an obvious conclusion to be drawn from reading Jefferson & Madison: There is nothing of them in today's Democratic & Republican parties. They claim to uphold Madison's Bill of Rights. But does anyone think they will live to see Bush, or future Republican or Democratic Presidents, saying what he said of government chaplains, much less proposing to abolish them?"


SheaNC said...

Wow. I'm glad you're posting this stuff, because it really illustrates the de-evolution of the republicans and democrats. In my blog, my anti-bush stance prior to the election probably makes me sound like I'm in lockstep with the democratic party, but to be honest, I consider them the lesser of two evils when elections offer only those two options. I'm one of those who believes the democratic party is need of major reform, and it can come back to being what we really want it to be. If it can do that, then it can achieve a union of ideals with the greens, etc., and we can begin the long march back to real democracy.

By the way, I've started looking at quotes by some of these guys, and Thomas Paine was also a great one for separation of church and state :)

Mike of the North said...

I really think the whole problem with the dems is that they try to be too repuke so they can woo cross over voters. Piss on undecideds, present a platform that offers clear choices and you automatically eliminate most if not all indicision. I've been reading a lot of Emma lately. This last election has definitly sparked a need to return to my basic belief in the beauty of Anarchy. I'll send you some links.

SheaNC said...

Cool. And I totally agree about the dem's committing campaign suicide by trying to imitate the repugnant-ones. The democrats not only shot themselves in the foot in 2004, but they let us all down to the point of betrayal - a betrayal of their own values. They need to return to their roots and stand for something, not try to be all things to all people. You're right, fuck the undecideds. Anyone who's undecided in these polarized times probably shouldn't be voting anyway. I'd rather lose with my values intact than win by being a sell-out (er, isn't that one reason why neither of us got wealthy playing top-40 crap music?)

I gotta start reading Emma, too. It's on my list - Although the last books I checked out of the library were Michael Moore's "stupid white men" and "dude, where's my country?". So far I've only read the 1st chapter of "stupid white men," but it is totally great - really describes the hell of 2000 (lest we forget).