Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Screw heads and the Doomed

In the movie Where the Buffalo Roam, Hunter S. Thompson, played by Bill Murray engages Richard Nixon in a bit of men’s room chat as Nixon attempts to get his prostrate to relax enough actually let him pass water. As the piss dribbles from his enflamed sphincter, Nixon grunts and groans in agony. Hunter proceeds to break the world down into two types of people, the screw heads and the doomed.

We are the doomed.

And by this I don’t mean all the poor deluded fools that voted for Kerry, thinking that anything and I do mean anything, had to be better than shrub. I mean the MAJORITY of america are the doomed. The Minority are the screw heads.

The minority knows that they are such; they are a special few that control vast amounts of wealth and have power we the doomed can’t even comprehend. But they are the minority. If the majority, the doomed ever figured out what the minority were up to there would be,

“… a lotta ‘splainin’ to do Lucy”.

We won’t, we’re the doomed remember? The screw heads have attended the best schools in the world. And even if some of them only averaged “C’s” they have all learned the lessons of history well and one of the best of those lessons can be summed up in the phrase, “…divide and conquer”, and that my fellow doomed, is exactly what they’ve done, they have divided and conquered the doomed majority of the u.s

Hacks like Limbaugh and Hannity rave about the liberal elite that want to destroy the American values of marriage and family. And in doing so create fear and distrust of people that basically just want to be left alone so that they can figure out what life is really about.

Hacks like Moore and Franken denigrate conservative values like church and family as backwater havens of the neo nazi movement. And like their counterparts on the right create an atmosphere of fear and distrust of people that basically want to be left alone so that they can figure out what life is really about.


Mission Accomplished, I’ve got Your Back, I Feel Your Pain, Read My Lips.

The doomed need a mantra of their own, one that they can chant repeatedly every time the screw heads start with their incantations of divisiveness. It was given to us in ages past by a man that probably had no idea what he was really doing. And if he did have some inkling of its importance, probably had no idea how crucial it would be to the survival of this country.

The mantra is this, and I want each one of you to start chanting it under your breath, no out LOUD, every time you hear something from some jack-ass with a microphone saying something that makes you distrust your neighbor.

‘…life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”


If we all would realize that this mantra could shut the screw heads down, we would soon realize that the vast majority of people here in the united states just want to be left alone to try to create the best lives we can for ourselves and the ones we love.

But we won’t we’re the doomed, remember?

As he shook the last feeble drops into the urinal Nixon leaned towards Hunter and uttered the words that the screw heads live by. " Thompson," he said,

"Fuck the doomed!”


SheaNC said...

Cool, it's discussion hour here on KMIK! I do agree with your message, Reverend Mike... especially A) our minority position in relation to the screwheads. We're also in a minority position in relation to the idiots who love them; B) their successful divide-and-conquer methodology; C) the difficulty of the lesser-of-two-evils voting options that folks like us have been faced with most of our voting lives.

Still, I would like to offer my thoughts, caffeine-induced as they are, on a couple of items :)

Regarding Moore and Franken, I see what they do as reclaiming liberal values (re: church/family) from neocons who stole those things from us and corrupted them into their twisted version of "the way things ought to be."

Regarding voting for Kerry, mine was, as you say, a vote against something else. And this brings up an interesting thing. This time, it was so much more important than a vote for president. It was an attempt (deluded, yes) to take a stand against a far greater evil, of which Bush/Cheney are simply a part. In order to try to prevent total takeover by the BFEE-Carlyle Group-PNAC-Christian Taliban plutocracy, I figured the best option was to vote for a party that had the most realistic chance of beating them in an election. I suspected it was an exercise in futility because they had already stolen the vote again long before election time. As I told people prior to the election, the real threat was vote tampering and voter fraud, and I was unfortunately proven right. But I voted with the idea that, "if it were a fair election, which party had the best chance of de-throning the BFEE?"

Another thing you address that I am in total agreement with is the idea that extremists have the microphone and really herd their sheep, telling them what to think. I think the real majority is moderate/centrist, but they are unable to unite towards a common goal, so they are torn asunder by the extremists (although I think the "right" does the most damage by pandering to their fears, hatred, and predjudice, not to mention the LIES).


Mike of the North said...

I can't help but think that the dembos in the upper eschelon are every bit as corrupt as the neocons. Why haven't we heard the demo senators cry out as one against the war, the election tampering, against the assault on the Bill of Rights?

Because the very things that work for bushie boy work for them. Yeah yeah, they lost a few seats in congress and they don't have the white house. But all in all this was a good election to lose. Iraq is going to turn into another Vietnam and people will get sick of it. When they do they'll vote a demo in and all the great things the repukes have done to turn us into a neofascist state will still be in place. I guarantee that the demo big boys will use every bit of it to their advantage when it's their turn at bat.

That brings me to Moore and Franken, my major gripe with them is not going for hypocracy and lies anywhere they exist. The screw heads need to be identified as the enemy. The neocon agenda and the left wing conspiracy are the tools they use to keep the doomed divided. Moore and Franken are playing right into the hands of the Screw heads.

As far as voting for Kerry, well I did too. But I really think that I shouldn't have because it's obvious that he is just as corrupt as anybody in the white house. He supported the war. He voted for the patriot act. He's against gay marriage. I'm sure I could pull up more dirt on the guy.

Ok, He's not as corrupt as the neocons but he is still part of the system that must be replaced if we ever want america back.

Oh well, enough of that drivel for the day. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! And a Joyous Naked Swaying Solstice!!!

SheaNC said...

And a very pagan winter soltice festivus to all!