Thursday, December 16, 2004

Dear George: Letters to the President

Dear George: Letters to the President: "I will continue to pray than an 'anvil' will fall on his head, he'll wake up and become at least a real compassionate conservative and not some brainwashed-drug-abusing-recovering-neocon-puppet.


Peace, May you learn to walk behind Christ.

Age 87
N. Bend , OR"


SheaNC said...

Wow, did you do one?

Mike of the North said...
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Mike of the North said...

O.K. I am assuming that you meant a letter to gee-boy and not "doing" an 87 year old.

So, no. I didn't. I tried writing a letter to jeb-ee-dub-ya, via e-mail and realized that these fucks don't read! (and more importantly don't give a flying shit what I think). So what's the point?

I just liked her 'tude.

SheaNC said...

Let's see, now that you mention it, which one I mean? Oh, you're right. I was wondering if you fired off a note to King George. Hey, at least you tried, even if they couldn't comprehend. In your profession, aren't there some sort of picture-word-association things you could use? Like the old See-N-Say?

By the way, speaking of writing to illiterates, I spent some time perusing right-wing blog sites this evening... man, I thought I was bad! Their hate-speech makes my blog look like fluffy bunnies. OMG! But the way they go after targets on the other side, while they ignore their side's evil-doings. It kinda teaches me one thing, though... I need to get back to being more independent and less partisan, to effectively defeat the enemy fascist regime!

SheaNC said...

On the other hand, the republican party is chock full o' hypocrites, idiots, and self-righteous brownshirt wanna-bes...