Friday, February 18, 2005

Only Idiots Could Trust These Guys

Last year I read The Silent American a book by Graham Greene. It’s a fantastic book set in Vietnam just prior to the escalation of american involvement. Greene describes the CIA’s use of bicycle bombs to terrorize the populace of south vietnam. The bombings were then blamed on the vietcong. If such a scenario were merely a literary device used to entertain it would be easy enough to ignore it as such.

After 9/11 when holes began to appear in the official versions of events and hundreds of questions went unanswered, disturbing patterns began to emerge. Patterns which seem to support interpretations of the events surrounding 9/11 that point to either direct involvement, or complicity by some in the government, in the horror of that day.

The CIA has a long history of funding terroristic actions in order to advance it’s agenda. An article exploring some of this history can be found here.

If elements of the u.s. government are willing to use such measures over the course of decades against others to get what they want, then what would stop them from using these same methods against us? What is doubly disturbing is the people that dub surrounds himself with are often key players in many of these types of actions in other countries, indeed bushie boy’s daddy was the big guy in the CIA at one time.

It’s obvious that the real reasons for the invasion of Iraq have never been revealed by this administration. Bushco is not an organization known for its transparency.What we do know is a patchwork of leaks and reluctantly released documents that serve to futher implicate those in power of participation in a policy of deliberate deception of the american public.

Nothing they do encourages a sense of trust.

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