Monday, February 21, 2005

(DV) Frank: Farewll Hope

(DV) Frank: Farewll Hope: "The party bigwigs are surely thrilled. Especially if Dean can fill their campaign coffers with a surplus of grassroots cash.

Hold on. Don’t kid yourself, though. This certainly doesn’t mean Dean won’t continue to hobnob with the corporate fat cats like his filthy predecessors.  And don’t count on Deano to disclose campaign finances either. Just look at Vermont where his boys gutted the only law that called for even the slightest transparency in the state’s public elections.

No, this whole DNC thing smells of rot. Let’s hope that the Deaniacs (the few not having multiple orgasms over this “success”) break ranks and hang Howard Dean and the Democrats out to dry like a pair of stanky old socks.  That’s the only way victory could ever come out of this calamity."

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SheaNC said...

Well, as you know, I think Dean would have been a way better candidate than Kerry in 2004. And, I think that the party's reform needs to happen gradually, so I am hoping its a step in the right direction. But, since I am not a slave to any political party, I will not support the guy if he proves to be another two-faced party whore. I'm funny that way :)