Thursday, February 10, 2005

Eyes Wide Open : An Exhibition on the Human Cost of the Iraq War : AFSC

Eyes Wide Open : An Exhibition on the Human Cost of the Iraq War : AFSC
Ya yellow bellied, snake handlin', dirt eatin', red state livin' COWARDS!!!!


Watch the movie!


Go to this site and look at these pictures, dare to tell me you are a compassionate christian.
Compassion at work in Iraq

You won't,
You can't

you are nothing more than dirt ignorant cowards.


Glen Dean said...

You are a real sicko. We have went out of our way to avoid killing civilians. Civilian deaths are a fact of war though. Why don't you show some pictures of all of the mass graves that Saddam filled or all of the women who were raped by his sons and cronies. We liberated those people, idiot. And those people are grateful. I have seen those pictures and yes I am a compassionate Christian. What happened to you that filled you so full of hatred? Would you prefer that Saddam were still in power? You probably would.

SheaNC said...

"We liberated those people?" You mean we liberated 100,000 civilians from the burden of life? I don't believe the US military has gone out of its way to avoid killing civilans. Quite the contrary: killing civilians is a calculated element of the "shock and awe" strategy. The US military enters homes and kills Iraqi civilians in their beds. Not a source of pride, that. You war supporters always use the retort, "Would you prefer that Saddam were still in power?" That is not the issue. Saddam is long gone, and the war has escalated, demonstrating that the overthrow of Saddam (the republicans' man in Iraq, remember?), was just a smoke screen to rally support for the PNAC follies.

Mike of the North said...

Wow! What do you call people that march around with giant posters of aborted fetuses in plain sight of passing children?

At least I give you the option of viewing or not viewing the atrocities.

Thou Shall Not Kill.

I read that somewhere once. Let’s see, maybe it was on one of those ridiculous newsprint religious pamphlets that you find in a piss encrusted greyhound station. Or maybe it was on the wall of some cracker courthouse…I don’t remember.

I do remember it made an impression on me.


Sicko implies that I receive some sort of perverse pleasure in viewing, or making available to view, these pictures.

I don’t.

I did however get the link for these pictures from this conservative christian web site


I’ve never hated anyone enough to shred their son’s body with shrapnel or to blow the back of their daughter’s head off.


Piss off you compassionate christian!

Make your tithe to a church that subjugates its women and endorses the slaughter of innocent children.

Sleep with an unburdened conscience knowing that by killing 100,000 people, mostly women and children, in 18 months you’ve put an end to a truly despicable regime that killed 300,000 people in a span of 30 years.

If knowing that killing is wrong and showing the consequences of our application of military might makes me a hate filled sicko, then I guess I’ll have to live with it. Likewise you will have to live with the choices you have made. And, if in the end our opinions of each other have any weight in the final judgment, then all I can say is…

See you in Hell!

Mike of the North said...

Dean dude!!! congrats on the soon to be child! It will change and enrich your life in ways that you cannot comprehend. All I can say is, get as much sleep as you can before the birth.

Why oh why,
do you deny?

Posts on your
pitiful blog?

Do you fear
for your vulnerable rear?

Or is it arguments you fear to hear?

Common!! you can always delete the really cogent ones and attack the IDIOTS!!! like I do. ;)

Mike of the North said...

Deany baby!!!

Oops!! found the comments button when I actually bothered to read.

Look forward to many exchanges of opposing views!

SheaNC said...

As you know, I have debated Glen Dean before... I've insulted him "liberally" a few times, too (followed by the prerequisite liberal guilt). But, a right-wing Dead Head - what better opponent to ask for in a debate than one who knows how to hand-roll a joint while seaweed-dancing to Terrapin Station?

Glen Dean said...

Sorry SheaNC, I used to only smoke the kind bud. I could pack a glass bowl though while dancing to Terrapin. Not lately though. Its been a few years since I packed one. I don't have anything against it though.In fact, I wouldn't care if it was legal.

SheaNC said...

This is off-topic to anyone reading, but I have to say that this thing the computer is doing with the double-underlined advertising links is driving me insane! It added a link where Glen Dean typed "glass bowl"! Is this a microsoft thing? I dunno...

Glen Dean said...

The actual Hebrew translation is Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder. Also Mike, neither one of us are going to be in hell. Our opinions don't get us there. I am sure as a former Baptist, you have heard the term "once saved, always saved". That means you'll be in heaven just like me. So I guess I'll see you in heaven.

Glen Dean said...

Hey I just figured out what you were trying to say. I use HaloScan for my comments and I think it was down for a little bit today. So if you need to comment and leave some left wing wackoism, you should be able to now.

Mike of the North said...

Yep Dino, I figure all of us will be in heaven some day.

Even Hitler, Saddam and all the Bushies from Prescott to Neil, Hey there's room for OBL too!

True enough they may be scrubbin' toilets in the heavenly Greyhound bus station but I'll give 'em a wave as I mow the grass out front. God's love envelopes us all. The love is much too grand and awful for us mortals to comprehend.

Peace Brother, to you and your family.

Peace to all of the world, That’s all I’m SCREAMING!! about.

Mike of the North said...

oK! Enough of my touchy feely side.

"The actual hebrew translation is Thou shalt not commit Murder"

Fine, let's agree that that is the definitive translation of the commandment.

Define for me then:

The difference between a palestinian suicide bomber that kills innocent children that happened to be too close to an israeli security check point and the u.s. airforce pilot that kills innocent iraqi children that happen to be too close to the target of "smart bomb" ?