Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Healthy Hatred For Government

A Healthy Hatred For Government :
"There are those who continue to bluster as regards the State's 'incompetence; sorry, I no longer buy into that. The actions of FEMA in cutting temporary communications, and in misdirecting deliveries of bottled water and food rations, and the unconscionable actions of the Bush regime in sending in heavily armed military forces instead of emergency aid and rescue workers in a timely manner, and the rejection of all the emergency assistance offered by so many nations of the world, says it all.The State, in the form of the Bush administration, hates US! And the statist gangsters might as well know it - we are beginning to hate them right back!"

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car said...

I like the cost of the of the war on your site, it seems precious little to protect the filthy hippies from certain destruction and to keep you free to whine about your little feelings being hurt.
But I think you are not all bad as I especially like your comments on my blog about coming to Alaska and shooting bears and chicken fighting. Do you know any chicken men there we can bet with? My buddies go all over fighting cocks and would want some action if they came so they can at least pay for the trip. Let me know!