Thursday, September 15, 2005

Citizens for Legitimate Government

Citizens for Legitimate Government:

"...but it's time to get more left-leaning liberals and outright leftists to at least POSE a threat, by getting organized and getting ARMED. It's time to get well past this liberal phobia and taboo about weapons and force. After all, our liberalism was won with a REVOLUTIONARY WAR! they used real guns in that war. The French Revolution was also a WAR and they used real weapons there too."


Anonymous said...
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car said...

are you sure that the cold up there is not freezing your brain and making you think like a filthy hippy? Turn up the heat in your igloo and get a job!

SheaNC said...

I don't know if "car" is serious or if he and his site are just tongue-in-cheek satire, but anyway... the post does pose an interesting question: is Ghandiesque "passive resistance" effective in our present situation? I mean, we all know that it was the "filthy hippies" and their resistence to the Vietnam war that brought it to a close. And that resistence included both violet and nonviolent protests. Their nonviolent influence on peoples' attitudes changed the world, for a very short time, but in the end the neocons emerged with a vengence and maintain a vidictive bile for the left that has resulted in inappropriate use of impeachment proceedings, among other things. So, I guess that nonviolent resistence can effect change, but it might take some serious head-smacking to make any long term progress against the neocons. They are like sociopaths; they have no concience and define morality as whatever benefits themselves.

car said...

Mountain Men Against Alaska Queers--Bring it on!
oh sure, we in the Eastern mountains remember your boasts of your northwest and the Alaskan militias telling us they would locate and capture eric rudolph in two days--a week at the most. They came and left after two days crying about how they never knew that Appalachia was such a rough place!
You have forgotten that you are bred of real Mountain men and those were our rejects --the girly boys that couldn't stand the heat.
So here's the deal, we accept your offer to fight bears--we will bring our chickens to do the deed!
Our flurry eyed grays against any bear you care to bring to the pit--I'm quite sure that we can handle any queer bear or handler in your state!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Every day it's looking more and more like that is the only way we will be able to restore this country to what the Founding Fathers intended it to be.

A revolution freed us once from the control of elitists and it damn well can do it again. Besides, it's constitutional...well at least until the neo-cons finally look at the Constitution and find out it's there.

car said...

give me a break, the filthy drug smoking hippies would just shot themselves or each other hallucinating on LSD.
This is such a non-option for you liberal queers!

Mike of the North said...

Scarey thought isn't it Cur, LSD eating liberal queers with guns? They just might up and freak at the thought of a bunch of dried up old tightwads like you messin' up their beautiful trip, whip out the trusty desert eagle, and let a .44mag slug rid the world of your bummer man, cool!

Hey, glad to see you got off the toilet long enough to hit the keyboard again. I hear those impacted turds can give you old fogies a hard time. Remember to eat lots of fiber and get plenty of liquids. Maybe you need to get more "injections" from your "chicken" buddies, if you know what I mean.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Hey Mike,
I think it's about time Car came out of the closet. I'm sure he'd feel alot better about himself.

Mike of the North said...

Repression of latent tendencies CAN lead to multiple personalities. ;0