Wednesday, September 14, 2005

(DV) Drolette: Dear Fellow Citizens of the World...

(DV) Drolette: Dear Fellow Citizens of the World... :

"Save yourselves.

America, my native country, a place I no longer recognize, is now an irredeemably wretched land shot through with lunacy and idiocy, a rogue nation on the prowl controlled by murderous madmen enthusiastically supported by tens of millions of
spiritually-impaired, common senseless, mentally ill, blood-lusting yahoos.

But why mince words?� America is a menace."

Blackwater "security forces" deputized to use lethal force in New Orleans.
Forced confinement in detention centers for evacuees.
Indefinite imprisonment of any american citizen if the president "thinks" they might pose a danger to the U.S.
Forced confiscation of legally registered firearms in areas determined to be a "disaster zone".

Wake up Idiots!!!!
Land of the Free?
The words ring hollow, and you morons handed your asses to the criminal bushco on gold plates that you paid for yourselves.

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