Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Burning of America :: Intervention Magazine :: War, Politics, Culture

The Burning of America :: Intervention Magazine :: War, Politics, Culture:

"Even the most dimwitted see the "light" when flames engulf them, even the infamous Texan hubris can't block out the pain when the body turns crispy black. And in Bush's America the flame is growing stronger and getting hotter -- the flame of Republican corruption, the flame of a deadly war, the flame of a stripped government. America is turning black, the pain is getting worse. There is change in the distressed air.

During this period of painful change we need to remain steady. Articulate why we oppose Bush's policies and explain patiently what we stand for. Don't overdue the vicious attacks, Americans won't hear you. But do remain firm, Americans detest the wishy-washy. Be resolute without being arrogant. When burnt Americans finally make their way to a sliver of an open mind, we should tell them there is another way. Ditch the moronic leadership, out of Iraq and rebuild America. "


SheaNC said...

It's hard not to start screaming when I think of the current situation, but I guess it is better not to alienate people by getting too inflammatory... even thought that's what's in my head!

car said...

I guess your mamby pamby ideas didn't get much support, but then again, we know you igloo people are suffering from brain freeze by now! Chicken fighting in beaner land has been very good--I wish you had the resolve to wake up the bears so our chickens could eat them. Oh well, I have an intelligence test posted but I don't expect anyone up there can read!