Wednesday, October 19, 2005 Props and Puppets

Props and Puppets : "Props and Puppets
Wade Sanders | October 19, 2005

It remains to be seen just how far George Bush is willing to go in exploiting the members of our uniformed services to compensate for his own lack of substance. Pretending to be a pilot at the controls of an airplane he is not qualified to fly, then strutting about on aircraft carrier deck wearing the uniform of a service he did not serve in; gathering together the willing and unwilling to provide a tapestry for his speeches. However, I must say that his recently staged "spontaneous and unrehearsed" live from Tikrit, with carefully screened soldiers already sworn to obey him under pain of courts-martial, may set a new benchmark. (By the way, hold the presses on the body armor, we need to get better Teleprompters for our troops, they had a tough time reading those cue cards and actually seemed coached.)"

Hmmm... seems even the military boys are starting to get a bit restive. Does this spell doom for dubya? (Methinks with glee, yes!)

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SheaNC said...

Doom for Dubya. I hope he doesn't drag us all down with him! Actually, he has to leave something for his successor, his brother Jeb...