Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Needed - Hit Men For The Truth

Needed - Hit Men For The Truth: "I am a retired Army captain. I fought in Vietnam with the 196th Light Infantry Brigade. I walked through the jungle carrying an M-16.
"Some people think that because someone does not support the war, they do not support our troops. That is just not reality. There might be some soldiers that believe protest equals lack of support, but the vast majority that I served with knew that protestors were trying to end the madness.
"Yes, we fought the war, but almost none of us wanted to be there. We stayed there and fought because that's what soldiers do. Thank God that while we were there doing that some brave people back here had the courage to stand up and say that war is wrong.
"Thank God they were brave enough to act on their convictions and stand up to a government that had lied to us. I applaud you! Maybe you could have treated me a little better when I got back, but that's another letter.
" I find incredibly offensive those who have never fought a war, never fired a shot at another human being, never been shot at or hunted, or never had to listen to a good friend scream in agony, sending or supporting the sending of our brave soldiers to war for lies.
"Look at the facts. There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. There were no connections with the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. There were no reasons to go to war. You should be outraged.
"You want to support our troops? Keep them out of war and get rid of those who would put them in harm's way, unless absolutely necessary.
"Maybe we can't leave Iraq immediately because of the mess we created, but we should get rid of those responsible for the current situation.
"God bless our troops. I do not support the war, but I support you."
George Neely
Lodi, CA


SheaNC said...

Right on... that guy puts it well.

Mike of the North said...

I get really sick of IDIOTS!!! that insist that support for the troops can only be shown by blind loyalty to the asswipes that sent them there in the first place.