Wednesday, August 24, 2005

No To Politics, Yes To Mass Refusal: Too late for 2004 but not to late for 2006

No To Politics, Yes To Mass Refusal: "The U.S. went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq not only for a
route to lay a pipeline to the Caspian Basin or to seize the world's second
largest oil reserves. It went to war to frighten into submission a world of
people who have begun too actively to question and resist the power of capital,
too actively to seek an alternative. It went to war to silence them with its
awesome and brutal power. The wars may have been about oil, but they were also
about social control."

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SheaNC said...

I guess a vote during this era of fraudulent elections is a vote for the republican party anyway... it will be interesting to see what progress is not made towards fair elections next time...