Thursday, August 18, 2005

An Interview with Joe Bageant

An Interview with Joe Bageant: " have fished for bass
at night in its once beautiful rivers, and I have
played stink finger with its young Southern girls
who wear no panties on August nights by the light
of its many moons. I have grown what can almost be
called old now, with its earth beneath my feet and
its legends in my eyes. And now a bunch of cheap
murderous cocksuckers have hijacked the place that
made me what I am and are busily turning it into
one vast capitalist gulag. Stealing my children's'
dreams... everything I ever experienced and
cared about has become irrelevant. I don't care about
my own experiences disappearing into the void so
much as I care about the blackness now descending.
I am here right now to tell you that America is a
rogue nation and the greatest threat afoot to civilization.
That doesn't mean that every American is Hitler and
it doesn't mean that there is no hope. But we gotta
cop to what is going on. When a nation refuses to
acknowledge the need for world tribunals for ethnic
cleansing and refutes the Kyoto agreements, and murders
tens of thousands to keep its stock market afloat,
then that nation must be called malignant upon this

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