Thursday, November 10, 2005

Christianofascism!! Terrorists in your Backyard

This is in response to all of you IDIOTS!!! out there that let assholes like Ann Coultfucker and Plush Limbowels do all their thinking for them. The real threat to reason and peace in the u.s. isn't the truly manufactured threat of islamofacism. It's really Christianofascism!!! It's the towelhead fundamentalists like dobson and robertson and their idiotic mouthpieces. (most of the rightwing bloggers that I've read)

In fact they are such a profound threat to the fabric of rational discourse and freedom of expression in our fair land that I propose using existing law to declare them enemy combatants and detain them indefinitely in secret prisons spread throughout eastern europe. While they are there we can let the cia use torture to find out what they really know about Harrriet Meirs. I think that anybody who bases their world view on the writings of a bunch of syphilitic middle eastern sheep herders should be subject to random full body cavity searches and the constant surveillance of our newly formed secret police. (thanks bushie boy)

I have a solution to the problem posed by the existence of the Christianofascists. Lets just drop white phosphorus bombs on all the mega chuches next sunday. Of course we're not targeting the innocent civillians that attend church there. We're really just targeting the radical mullahs of the christian right. The poor sots that are sitting in the pews are just collateral damage.

If you think I'm being too radical here just think about this. How many more attempts to legalize gay marriage, or maintain a womans right to choose, is it going to take before we have legions of fanatic Christianofascists strapping on vests full of C4 and detonating them in schools that won't allow prayer or the recitation of the pledge of allegiance?

Next time you see your neighbor putting on a suit and loading the wife and kids up in the minivan to head to church, you just might want to load up the old .223 and keep a steady bead on 'em just in case they try something funny.


Anonymous said...
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SheaNC said...

You're right, they'll probably end up killing us all, they're so anxious to bring about the rapture.