Sunday, June 25, 2006

Joe Bageant: Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven

Joe Bageant: Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven:

"The next elections, both parties tell us, will determine the fate of our nation. Really? Regardless of who wins, Joe Six-pack will lose. Virgil will lose. The rest of us will continue being carried along by the media hologram of political lies and profitable illusions that hold it all together. Today I read a news story about how the massacre of Iraqi families in Hidatha 'traumatized' our heroes. What do you call a republic that dishes up such shit up to its citizens? What do you call the citizens who mindlessly swallow it? What do you call people who do not march in the streets and start fires in protest of a horrific regime that guts small democracies, slaughters whole families and villages abroad and rigs the ballot boxes at home? What do you call such deniers of the obvious? Of course we can safely call the latter modern Democrats, but that is another story."

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SheaNC said...

Yeah, but my vote is doomed to the way-less-than-needed-to-win pile. It's a tough dilemma.