Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Shouting in the Dark

Shouting in the Dark:

"School Assembly: The Hidden Curriculum

Our school was recently visited by Charlie.Charlie is what is known as a "motivational speaker," which means his intention is to stimulate an interest in, or enthusiasm to do something.Charlie introduced himself to the students as "Secret Agent Man Charlie" He told the children that he owed his success to having been a U.S. Navy Seal. Charlie added that there wasn't very much he could say about the Seals, as everything is highly secretive due to their elite status. Instead, Charlie substantiated his claims with a demonstration of his amazing abilities.Charlie demonstrated different versions of military style push-ups: Army (traditional); Marine (one-armed); Coast Guard (knees touching the floor); and Seal (from a hand-stand position). The children took notice."

"...It turns out that Secret Agent Man Charlie works for the National Character Education Foundation based out of Pennsylvania. The NCEF website is quite impressive. They certainly espouse their dedication for developing “character education.” Their homepage proclaims a declaration for a “Fourteen Year Initiative.” The list of the NCEF’s partners amounts to eighteen different sponsors; half of which are U.S. congressmen, senators, and representatives.

A search on the web reveals many similarities between them. Every single one of them is a staunch Republican. Most of them are from Pennsylvania, and many receive a 100% rating of endorsement from the Pennsylvania Christian Coalition.

I wonder how many of them are "into" young male pages... pun intended.

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