Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tin Hat Theories about Tiny Little Nukes

I read an article a couple of months ago by one of those nut jobs that think that 9/11 wasn't the work of A' rabs that hated us for our "freedoms". This whacko had definitely drunk way too much commie-islamofascist koolaid. His theory? That a small thermonuclear explosion had been used to obliterate the steel cores at the center of WTC 1&2!!!

Somebody take this whacko out in the parking lot and shoot him like the raving mad dog that he is!


What a crock! Nothing like that could ever exist much less be used without us finding out about it.

So I'm reading a cool hack mag called MAKE and there is this article where some commie allah lovin' gay marriage, gun control and probably PACIFIST!!! traitor is sayin' that nuclear physicists like to make big boom booms. Well DUH!!! If I was smart enough to make nukes that could kill all the people that Bill O'reilly hates and said bombs made a hell of boom I'd do it! Damn tootin'!

Well anyway there was some crap in there about shootin' space craft across the universe with nuclear explosions and how.... well I'll telll you, it was crap in the high degree.

So I decided to write an email to one of the worst of the worst of these conspiracy nut cases ( St. Rush of the Oxycontin Martyrs protect me) Douglas Herman. Here it is:

Doug, I recently read an article in Make: magazine volume 7 by George Dyson titled, Strange Love, Or how they learned to start worrying and love to hate the bomb. Dyson's father is  a physicist who worked on the Orion Project, the project exploring the use of Nuclear Explosions to power space ships.(Freeman Dyson). George writes of interviewing physicists that were involved in the project and in particular  the project leader Theodore B. Taylor. Basically the article explored physicist's love of making thing go boom in a big way.

What caught my eye and kept me awake that night was Taylor's words about the use of very small amounts of plutonium and large amounts of high explosives to create non standard bombs, explosions that would "...absorb the neutrons and act as a shielding for the ship." He even wrote a warning in a paper titled Notes on Criminal or Terrorist Uses of Nuclear Explosives, " The group could be an extremist group of U.S. citizens who believe they are trying to save the U.S." He goes on to state "These were all very non standard bombs, which meant nobody believed us: the numbers clearly didn't add up. This is also a very interesting question from the point of view of the terrorist bomb problem. If you have a bunch of people wanting to blow up the World Trade Center,  or something, they might have no difficulty getting large amounts of high explosive, so it's important not to declassify all that stuff. (emphasis added). Dyson interviewed Taylor EIGHT YEARS AGO! 

I really didn’t know who else to pass this on to. So because you are a fellow Alaskan and publicize your Emil address I picked you. I really like your writing although I haven’t picked up a copy of your book yet. I also guess if I’m not already on somebody's watch list I’ve included enough keywords in this missive that the carnivore will definitely smell blood.


So ther ya' go
A small nuke is just highly classified crap that could never exist.

"Que no Bernie?"

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