Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Craigslist Meets the Capitalists

"Wendy Davis of MediaPost describes the presentation as a " culture clash of near-epic proportions." She recounts how UBS analyst Ben Schachter wanted to know how Craigslist plans to maximize revenue. "It doesn't," Mr. Buckmaster replied (perhaps wondering how Mr. Schachter could possibly not already know this). "That definitely is not part of the equation," he said, according to MediaPost. "It's not part of the goal."
"I think a lot of people are catching their breath right now," Mr. Schachter said in response.

Larry Dignan, writing on Between the Lines blog at ZDNet, called Mr. Buckmaster “delightfully communist,”
and described the audience as“confused capitalists wondering how a company can exist without the urge to maximize profits.”

I must have been a good boy this year 'cause I got an early christmas present!

Workers of the World Unite!

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