Friday, January 11, 2008

Joe Bageant: Coffee, Consciousness and Revolution

Joe Bageant: Coffee, Consciousness and Revolution:

"Of course corporations and the state understand that you win by not going along with the program, but by exploiting those who do. Thus, wherever there is unquestioned obedience to mass behavior, there is power for the state over individual freedom and profits to be made by the few who understand the value of public obedience. Consequently, the natural cooperative social nature of ordinary people guarantees that there will always be despots, authoritarian states and the few exploiting the many."


SheaNC said...

Rabble rouser! We mustn't make waves...

Mike of the North said...

We're doomed, or more accurately as Hunter S. Thompson once wrote..." there's the screwheads and the doomed"

We are the "doomed".