Sunday, June 01, 2008

Joe Bageant: In a rut with consumerism and capitalism

Joe Bageant: In a rut with consumerism and capitalism: "Yet, whether actors or audience, all participants from top to bottom are patsies: the ward's doctors, the orderlies, the media calling the fight, the guy who mops the floor and the guy who banks the profits. All have internalized the corporate/state process so thoroughly they do not even know they are conditioned creatures of the larger machine they have created. Everybody is a patsy for the new corporate global social order of information and commodities -- the well-coiffed talking head on the TV screen, the grotesque delusional audience, and the candidates themselves. All play out their parts as good guys or bad guys or attractive meat puppets in a holographic projection of the hallucination itself called the news, which is presented as a description of reality, thereby reinforcing the hallucination itself."

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