Friday, September 25, 2009

GOP Senators Drop Out of Panel Inquiry Into CIA Program -

GOP Senators Drop Out of Panel Inquiry Into CIA Program -
Pelosi had this to say...
"'Candidly, I wish that the attorney general had waited,' she said on CBS's 'Face the Nation.' 'A lot of things are being said -- 'Well, you know, torturing people is something that we did, but on the other hand it produced all kinds of incredible information.' It did produce some information. But there is a great discrepancy and, I think, a good deal of error out there in what people are saying it did produce."

So We did torture,

" produced all kinds of incredible information." but, "...a good deal of error."

So I think that anyone that supports torture should be subjected to the same treatment to see what kind of "..incredible information." could be gained from them.

What ever happened to our moral superiority to the Nazis?


car said...

"What ever happened to our moral superiority to the Nazis?"

You mamby pamby, we were never morally superior to the Nazis, just more determined to kick their ass for my oil and other profits. Don't you read history? Maybe you are too busy with your pussy bears.

theMickey's said...

Who the fuck cares if we tortured to get info, other than some liberal squat? I say we didn't do enough; people need to be court-marshaled...(sic

As for you carP, wtf are you driving now that the capitalist/ceo's got a raise? Osama didn't name fiat out of a dream, soon you'll& your grandson will be driving a yugo...& liking it.

theMickey's said...

WTF do you 'do' in Alaska?

Mike of the North said...

OMG! People in north carolvagina can type! Carp you're right we've never been morally superior to the Nazis. But the fucks that run this country sold us a war on that supposed superiority. So, since most of you have bought into that myth, I use it to try to prove a point. What point is that? I don't remember but I do know that the overwhelming majority of u.s. citizens are absolute morons. I know this because in answer to Dicky the Mickey's question I'm a teacher, or was, until I came to the conclusion that you can't teach morons. Forced sterilization might be the key to this problem, starting with chicken fightin' right wingers and funny hat wearing nihilists.