Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dissident Voice : Darwin and Friedman in the Corporate World

Dissident Voice : Darwin and Friedman in the Corporate World:

"Profiteering is so established as the primary function of the corporation that the corporate world's foremost sage and theorist, the late free-market economist Milton Friedman, declared that any corporate management failing to function so as to maximize profit should be sued by shareholders. Friedman's philosophy has taken such hold of society that Alan Greenspan, lately head of the Federal Reserve, was moved to say that Friedman has been able "to materially alter the direction of civilization", a view mirrored by President George W. Bush who admitted that Friedman "has changed America and is changing the world."

Consider for a moment how you might strategize were you to find yourself at the head of an immense, immortal “person” with growth and profit the prime concerns. Wouldn’t you work for a “free market” that, for you, would be a highway without stop signs for your interests? Would you not, given your nearly unimaginable financial resources, infiltrate government, generate “think tanks”, hire platoons of lobbyists and fund political campaigns in order to ensure laws that further your profiteering? Would you not sanctify private property, resist accountability and send tendrils to all corners of the globe? And wouldn’t you purchase networks and newspapers in order to control information distribution and keep the masses in line?

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