Monday, April 27, 2009

Open Letter to the Religious, Fundamentally Idiotic; and their Weak Little God.

As far as I can find this is the first scream I loosed from the frozen wilderness... I can't believe that prop 8 and the MOMANS still are part of the debate. Here is a question that continues to beg an answer. Is your god so weak you need the laws of man to protect him?

Letter to the idiots:
Riddle me this, how the hell can same sex marriage threaten traditional marriage?

Does the existence of a married same sex couple in the same room with a room full of high school football players, predispose a sizable percentage of them to wanting to do something with their team mates butts other than merely slapping them?

Oh I know, your afraid of the 50% or so of us that have tried "traditional" marriage and had them end in failure. You're sure that Joe's gonna say to himself, "hey that thing with a woman was a train wreck, I think I'll find something with even more of a mustache than my ex and marry me some man meat!"

Granted there may be an argument that a greater portion of women would opt for a try with Mary. I've often maintained that if I were a woman I'd be a lesbian. Who could blame them?! I don't think it would happen though. Most women prefer men as their partners. whoda thunk it? Almost like GOD made it that way on purpose!!!

Which brings me to my next question for you weak faith morons. Do you have to pass laws to protect your trembling weak kneed god from the onslaught of pitiable humans that believe in Live and Let Live? Is your faith in the power of God so tenuous that the thought of two guys kissing in the bedroom next door causes you to doubt God's existence?

You show yourselves to be reacting from a position of fear. you react to anyone who differs from you with anger and violence. In the process you diminish your faith and your god when you hurt another in "his" name. May one of the many faces of God have pity on your shriveled little souls.

-Mike of the North-


SheaNC said...

Right on. I've always asked them, what are they so a-skeered of? That their unsatisfied spouses will switch teams run off to San Fran to start cruising? That their kids will decide to experiment in public the way their conservative Christopathic parents did in private?

Mike of the North said...

Don't ya miss the rabid right wing responses from the days of old tho'?