Friday, May 15, 2009

Interview with Jim Cramer - TIME


This is one of your own (Jim Cramer) calling it like it really is. From the mouth of one of the most notorious capitalistic puppets comes the plain truth. Of course the media will ignore it.

Interview with Jim Cramer - TIME:

"Do you believe we will look back on the financial innovations of the last several decades with regret? —Francis Murray, Washington

"They almost brought our country down. The only guy who really called this right was Karl Marx. Marx understood what would happen if you let the market run amok. Of course, it was done by right-wing Republicans. They brought our nation to its knees, and we're not going to end up being a great power because of what happened."


Gregory (Greg) P Turco said...

This seems like an outrageous comment, but besides your blog, I don't find much outrage.

I would like to know in what way Marx called this.


Mike of the North said...

I'm not sure what outrage you are speaking of. I'm not sure exactly what cramer was referring to other than the fact that Marx called the B.S. on the ability of unrestrained capitalism to be anything but a self destructive institution, picture the snake eating it's own tail.

Are you calling my blog outrageous? If you are, thanks for the complement, I try, but I feel that I just don't really devote enough time to it to really approach the outrageous. It's more like comments on the obvious absurdities that the right wing hoople heads try to foist upon people that can think for themselves.

car said...

This blog is not outrageous--just misguided. Which society has been self destructive, Russia or the US? The US just needs to impliement more law and order.