Friday, July 10, 2009

Joe Bageant: Worker rights: No balls, no gains

Joe Bageant: Worker rights: No balls, no gains:

"So it will be up to us, just like it always has been … the writer, the Nicaraguan janitor, the forty year old family man forced to bag groceries at Walmart, the pizza delivery guy, the welder and the certified nurse … the long haul trucker and the short order cook. And they will snicker at us from their gilded roosts on Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.

Some people are bound to get hurt in the necessary fight. In fact, people need to be willing to get hurt in the fight. That's the way we once gained worker rights, and that's the way we will get them back. The only way to get rid of the robbers' roost is to burn the fucker down.

Anyone got a match?"


SheaNC said...

I've got some matches I normally use for burning incense...

car said...

We got where we are today by beating people like you senseless in workers strikes when I was growning up. Commie Workers and Women need to learn their place in society.
Some of us are just born to my chickens.