Monday, April 03, 2006

AxisofLogic/ Antiwar Movement

AxisofLogic/ Antiwar Movement:

"...the nature of the political system that has long ruled this country must be examined. At a time when decentralizing forces are bringing about the collapse of vertically-structured institutional systems; and when horizontal networks of spontaneous and autonomous order are emerging, the corpse of constitutional government needs to be laid to rest.'"

I'm going to repeat the author's statement again for emphasis.

"...the corpse of constitutional government needs to be laid to rest."

It's time we quit hiding our heads in the sand while thinking that the constitution will protect us. The A*#holes on both sides of the aisle have shown us their utter contempt for the constitution, and our persidunce even refers to it as a "...goddamn piece of paper." We have to change the system by turning it on its head. The power of the government lies in its people. We are the government not them.


The Fool said...

The entire town of Bridgeville, Califorinia is up for sale on E-Bay ( sold once on E-Bay in 2002). Perhaps that is where the "New America" will start. As towns begin to fail and offer themselves up, others can co-op and purchase them as sites for re-establishing democracy.

Jack Mercer said...

You forgot the judicial branch also, MOTN. Good post!


Mike of the North said...

I've come to the conclusion that the radical left and the radical right are closer on a number of issues than either side wants to admit. Both want severely limited or no government, both see the abuses of the constitution as an attack on the common people of the united states. The big difference is the right's slavish acceptance of the chains of corporate capitalism. While the radical left sees this form of capitalism as the true force of oppression. This country and, very soon the world if the multinationals have their way, is under the yoke of corporate fascism. Constitutional government as our founders envisioned is already dead, and what is left is a sham designed to keep the masses deluded into thinking that they actually have a voice in the decisions made by the government.