Friday, April 14, 2006

AxisofLogic/ United States

AxisofLogic/ United States:

"So long as our protests are in the venues our ruling class approves, and we pay for our permits, and we adhere to their time and space constraints -- so long as we only protest in order that they might point to us and say, 'Yes, we have free speech,' we are spinning our wheels.

So long as we patiently wait for elections, in which we can chose between dueling oligarchs, and in which our votes can be manipulated by machines provided by the largest contributor to the party in power, we are not taking action. So long as we're willing to choose the lesser of evils, rather than fighting for the greater good, we are not governing ourselves. So long as we hope, and cooperate, and work within a rotten and failed system, our lives and liberties will rot and fail along with it."

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SheaNC said...

But what else to do? I'm losing hope for change these days...