Tuesday, May 23, 2006

THE BRAD BLOG: "Al Gore on Stolen 2000 Election..."

THE BRAD BLOG: "Al Gore on Stolen 2000 Election...":

...Paul Revere said on 5/23/2006 @ 2:57am PT...

" Let's make something really clear so that it doesn't keep getting repeated:

Al Gore didn't win his homestate because Tennessee is one of the most racist states in the nation and a majority of citizens who voted didn't like the fact that Gore's campaign manager was a Black woman (Donna Brazile). So quit repeating the myth about the homestate! Tennessee sucks and I wouldn't have been proud to have won it considering how bad it is. By not winning the state it showed that he wasn't attracting the racists and bigots.

I've been to Tennessee and I've seen the blatant racism, mostly against Blacks. Try visiting Memphis or Nashville(truth) sometime. The whites are mostly moronic and backward. So, again, drop the bullshit about the 'homestate.'"

I know that this is more of an inside joke than a valid post but does this posters comments about IDIOTS!!! in Tennesee sound like they are commenting on a certain "deano" that used to post to screams and constantly amazed?


SheaNC said...

Indeed it does! By the way, last time I looked, I think deano hung up his bloggin' clogs.

johnfindlaymusic said...

Ouch!-its good thing I never went to
Nashvegas to make it as a songwriter.People-that is musician friends & asociates keep telling
me "Man-thats where the $ is -the talent-
its a 5 year town" [to break in...].

Anyhow -power to 'em [& John Hiatt!]-
I get a sick green feelin when i picture myself down there.[Hmmm-yellow fo L.A.?]