Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Starting over when Bush is gone

By Mike Whitney :

"Bush has insinuated corruption into every molecule of the body politic. The torture and violence have removed any claim of legitimacy or moral authority. The social contract has been hacked into small bits and left to feed the crows. The government is now entirely powered by hubris and brute force, the sustenance of tyranny. The American dream has ripened into a menacing delirium, teeming with torture, violence, and murder. We have become everything we profess to hate.

Perhaps, it's time to pull up the foundation blocks and give the scaffolding a good shove. Bring down the whole fetid contraption; political, media, congressional and corporate. Rattle the cages and send the denizens of the think-tanks and the right-wing foundations scampering into the streets for cover. Let the whole rotten contrivance crash to earth in a heap; there's not one part of it that's worth saving. We'll start fresh when Bush is gone.

Viva la revolution."

Oh, if only it were so...

1 comment:

Casey said...

I say we toss that monkey faced bastard into gitmo.

Viva la revolution!!