Wednesday, May 02, 2007

AlterNet: EnviroHealth: Fighting the Corporate Theft of Our Water

AlterNet: EnviroHealth: Fighting the Corporate Theft of Our Water:

"'We came to see that the conflicts over water are really about fundamental questions of democracy itself: Who will make the decisions that affect our future, and who will be excluded?' they wrote in the book's preface. 'And if citizens no longer control their most basic resource, their water, do they really control anything at all?'As the effects of climate change are being felt around the world, including decreasing snowpacks and rainfall, water is quickly becoming the market's new holy grail.Mayor Gary Podesto, in his State of the City address to his constituents in 2003, sang the praises of privatization to his community, located in California's Central Valley. 'It's time that Stockton enter the 21st century in its delivery of services and think of our citizens as customers,' he said.And there is the crux of the issue -- privatization means transforming citizens into customers. Or, in other words, making people engaged in a democratic process into consumers looking to get the best deal.It is also means taking our most important resource and putting it at the whims of the market."


rick said...

Hi Mike
I tried to post a comment to a previous post but was dumped out for reasons unknown. Say, what is this New World Order and where can I get some of that stuff?
I may be working on a salmon/ halibut trip this year and will need to buy you that beer earlier than anticipated. (maybe two)
Take care and settle down. You and I want the same stuff but are light years apart on methodology.

Mike of the North said...

Rick , I think you've hit upon the crux of the biscuit, as Zappa would say. The vast majority of u.s. citizens are after the same thing, but we've been subverted by dialectic manipulation. We've been convinced that it is us that is the enemy instead of them.

Corporations are the enemy. No I'm not anti business. Merchants serve a valuable function. Corporations on the other hand are organisims that are designed to maximize profits, period. They do this at the expense of the life liberty and happiness of humans. Corporations are not for free trade unless it is for them at the expense of everyone else. Corporations are not against welfare, they are the biggest recipients of it. Corporations cannot put concern for their workers over the need to maximize the dividend to the share holder. (check out Ford vs. Dodge bros. circa 1919)

In short corporations as they exist today are the greatest threat to the survival of the human race in the world today.

btw, posting problems were probably a result of my sitch to the new google beta, what a mistake!

SheaNC said...

(Besides the fact that I totally agree about corporations) I also switched to the new blogger and it has been a hellish pain in the ass ever since. I can no longer post youtube videos, and the whole thing just sucks. I am this close to switching to a different blogsite host, ya know?