Monday, May 14, 2007

Joe Bageant: Rising Above Politics

Joe Bageant: Rising Above Politics:

"Bring' em on." And we mean it.

We mean it berceuse we know life is struggle and that"Bring 'em on" is the cry and attitude of a true survivor. The rest is just politics and rich people. Now lordee knows I"m no political strategist. But I"ve been all over heartland America and I know that Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota and Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota ain"t all that different than Virginia when it comes to working people's sentiments.

If the Westchester Country Club posing as the Democratic Party would get it into their heads that they could elect a smart man or woman who has actually changed a tire or gotten behind in a house payment, instead if the mocha rich boy or the woman who wants to prove she has more balls than any man,
they could bring home a populist vote they don't even know exists. But then, from the third hole at the Westchester Biltmore Country Club, you cannot see Thelma when she goes home and night and soaks her feet in hot Epson salts water. And you cannot see into the warrior hearts of a people ever kept blind by a hopeless class system, but would understand true populism if they were shown it just once in their lives."

True populist politics could give us a quarter turn in the right direction. Genuine socialism could put us on the approximate path to justice. Eco-politics cannot save us from the inevitable, but at lest it can teach us to deal with our limitations as a species upon this earth. But one begins the journey at the start if the path, not the promised land at its end.

Can we quit talking and start walking now?


SheaNC said...

If only. Green party, anyone?

Mike of the North said...

I wish... I was encouraged by Ron Paul's dogged determination in speaking the truth in the last debate. How about a Ron Paul/Dennis Kucinich ticket!

btw, can you believe that asshole jooliannie's righteous indignation at the suggestion that OUR foreign policies could actually be the cause of the hatred of the u.s. in the rest of the world? What a twit.

Mike of the North said...
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SheaNC said...

When I think of Guliani (sp?), I am always reminded of what he said at the republican convention in 2004: that when he saw the WTC devastation, his first thought was "thank god george w bush is president." That should be his legacy.