Friday, February 10, 2006

Is Islamism soluble in Zapatism? Muslims, try to become Zapatista! WHAT IF SUBCOMMANDER MARCOS WAS MEHDI'S INCARNATION?

AxisofLogic/ Featured:

"But what do the Zapatista want? It is clear that their revolution pretends neither 'to change man' nor to build 'the new man' so dear to Bolsheviks and to all communists, whose dream was transformed in nightmare from Moscow to Pyong Yang, from Beijing to Tirana, Belgrade and Bucharest. And though they declare their solidarity with the Cuban people who suffer an Usamerican embargo for more than forty years now, they keep their distance from Fidel, whom Marcos has ironically and affectionately nicknamed... Schwarzenegger!"

What if Marcos, both speaker and "organic intellectual" of the ³real men², were the Mehdi? [6] Or, at least, the sub-Mehdi? Let¹s remember to conclude that the Mehdi, contrary to what badly informed Muslims believe, is not the guide, but the well-guided, a man whose skills as a chief are based upon his aptitude to listen both to Heaven and Earth, to God and men, a man who does not take his desires as reality, a man without any thirst of power.

In short, Marcos is the opposite of Osama bin Laden. From Bin Laden emanates a sinister ghostliness, while Marcos is vivacious and real. Whereas Bin Laden, a sort of telegenic reconstitution of the Old Man of the Mountain - the mythical chief of Hashishins - is a manipulated figure, Marcos can¹t be co-opted by the imperial system, because he has his feet well planted on Chiapas' mud and draws his force from the population who controls him.

Fantastic essay on the possibility of expanding the revolution from the bottom up!

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