Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mohammed Cartoons Prep Europe For Bush Iran Attack

Mohammed Cartoons Prep Europe For Bush Iran Attack:


Much of the real urgency of the Anglo-American attack on Iran comes not from nonexistent nuclear devices, but from the planned March 20 opening of the Iran oil bourse, the first international exchange since 1945 where buyers and sellers of oil can conduct their oil transactions using a currency other than the US dollar, in this case,the euro. The Iran oil bourse threatens the number one pillar of US-UK world domination, the global hegemony of the dollar, as anchored in the dollar's central role in oil and other raw materials transactions.
With the Iranian oil bourse, as much as $1 trillion of central bank reserves may flee the US greenback into the euro, the yen, and other currencies. The concomitant exodus of hot money from Wall Street would then puncture the US stock bubble, the US housing bubble, and the US bubble economy generally,leading to a collapse of the dollar in international exchange and the dumping of hundreds of billions of dollars in US treasury bonds now in the hands of the Chinese and Japanese.

Read it and weep! They will use nukes against Iran to protect their power.

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SheaNC said...

"They will use nukes against Iran to protect their power." - which could render the middle east into a geiger-counter-ticking, unlivable wasteland from which we draw our precious oil.