Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The System Is Broken Don't Try to Fix It, Leave It!!

The following articles support the conclusion I reached years ago. They also support the conclusion that many others are beginning to reach as the system stumbles down the path of eventual self destruction. Witness the recent spate of conservatives who have reached a level of disgust with the repukeagain party and have renamed themselves libertarian, or those former demods who are now greens or independents. It's the same conclusion that has been reached, if even subconsciously, by those millions of Usamericans that do not vote. I will be watching with interest the developments on the suggestions of the second author and will post here as they happen,

Albert Camus, Anarchism and the Individual:
"Camus confronts the stark reality that the individual, while preeminent in value and worth, is treated as chattel of the State. The reason that the populace allows this tragic injustice lies in their unwillingness to deal with the harsh fact that the most depraved among us strive to make regulations for the rest. The codes of society are generally adopted without scrutiny. When Camus
states: "Integrity has no need of rules", we are given an insight that few can digest. Their own lack of honesty, principle and integrity allows them to accept the madness that dominates society."

The End of Authority

So, now it’s time to call a time out and head to the sideline for a consultation. Just as anti-war movements haven’t put a dent in current or future conflicts, or the anti-poverty movements have failed to ease more inequality than is being generated, I think we should all agree that being against something is no longer tenuous. It’s time we begin to genuflect toward the future, and come to the realization that what is left of the body politic, in all but a handful of nations, is corrupted beyond reform.

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