Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Terrorism isn't terrorism when you kill commie babies!

AxisofLogic/ News - Americas:

"WIM Dankbar, a Dutch specialist on the assassination of John F. Kennedy, suspects that Luis Posada Carriles has highly discriminating evidence against Bush Sr. that could be divulged if the terrorist should die a suspicious death. In an interview with Granma International, Wim Dankbaar (, who financed a new investigation into the death of Kennedy in cooperation with retired FBI agents, is not hiding his shock at the "reappearance" of international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles in Miami, which he: "cannot understand."

�'This is just astounding.�The apathy of the media even more so', he continues, 'Why isn't any media source writing that the man was not pardoned from his sentence for killing 73 people, but that he escaped and is still a convicted terrorist on the loose?'"

"Oh the tangled webs we weave..."

And by the way why is it ok for convicted terrorist to walk the streets of miami a free man? Oh yeah.. that's right he blew up a plane full of commies. That's not a crime, that's the american way!

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