Thursday, April 28, 2005

AxisofLogic/ Featured

AxisofLogic/ Featured:

"The Importance of Fighting Zionism

The significance and the importance of our effort to expose Zionism and build opposition to it, is not only the immediate but modest changes that we might win and� might lose again, as so often is the case.� It is also �significant and important in that it enables us to� discuss with�our friends and neighbors and colleagues� the most important facts about the world in which we live - Facts which, when fully appreciated �by millions of people,�make it possible to really change the world in fundamental ways:

1. Elites foment ethnic/national wars and attack�ordinary people's�best values of equality and solidarity and democracy precisely for the purpose of controlling us;

2. The vast majority of people in the world share these very positive values and aspirations and they try to shape the little�corner of the world over which they have any control with these values,�in the face of elite attacks on their efforts;

3. Elites fear ordinary people coming to power so much that they resort to mass murder to foment ethnic/national wars to undercut the unity of the masses.

4. Our opposition to Zionism is part of something much bigger: the opposition of billions of people in the world to elite rule;

5. Numbers�1 through 4 mean that a revolution �to make a truly democratic and equal and solidaristic society is both necessary and possible.

These are the reasons why we are compelled to fight Zionism if we want real peace - not only in the Middle East but wherever a relatively few powerful men foment war and divide the people as a means of control and oppression.

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