Monday, April 04, 2005

Time for a new Centrist Party?

Karl Schwarz Order Info:

"First, every person on the Right and Left should have a frank talk with their Christian friends about how to spot the 14 traits of Fascism. Not in an argumentative approach or even an apologetic approach. Many Christians did not vote for Bush for three reasons - those being the lies, the killing for empire building and the obvious corruption, plundering and greed that is going on. However, had Kerry gotten into office his gang of Wealthy Elite backers would have been first in line for the same type of plundering just like Clinton's were. That is government as it is in our nation - sleazy, underhanded, non-representative of anyone but their own self-interests and their wealthy backers.

That changes when WE as American citizens put our feet down and let DC know that 'enough is enough'. They will only understand when we oust them from power.

Therefore, it is time for both the Far Left and Far Right to realize to what extent they are being played for fools, and move to the middle, form a massive voting block that will not tolerate the games that RANK and DNC now excel in for themselves and their wealthy elite backers.

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