Tuesday, April 12, 2005

(DV) Bageant: Let's Drink to the Slobbering Classes

(DV) Bageant: Let's Drink to the Slobbering Classes:

"But most of all working folks need an organized labor movement to represent them. Not the disorganized one we have that seems so determined to pull out a pistol and blow its own tit off. Get this: According to the AFL-CIO's International Labor Communications Association, the future of organized labor depends upon, “championing the fight against racism, sexism, hetero-sexism, xenophobia, religious bias, and other forms of intolerance.” Uh, guys, the lesbians, the Unitarians, and the Wiccans are going to love it, but you’ve just alienated most of blue collar America. True, the working class is riddled with all those problems. But are you a church, or a workers’ union fighting for tangible things in workers’ lives? Are you too chickenshit to go after decent wages and health care? Whose side are these “labor communicators” on? The enemy is the rich capitalist class, not the dumb damned mook on the gut line at Tysons who bitches about Mexicans on the plucking belt."


Glen Dean said...

Face it Mike. The labor unions don't care about labor issues. They are just a lapdog for the leftist Democratic Party. Same with the NAACP and the NEA. They don't care about black people and teaching children. They are more interested in abortion and gay privilges which have nothing to do with their real mission. When you poll people in labor unions, you find that they are far different than their so called labor leadership. That is just one of the many reason that membership in these unions founded by commies have fallen drastically in the last few years.

Mike of the North said...

Deano,stop throwing that leftist democratic shit around. The reason that labor unions are declining is because the "commies" did their job and forced companies to improve working conditions to the point that unions are not absolutely neccessary any more.

Do you really think that the companies would have done it on their own? If you do you really are as ignorant as you sound. Read some history about the early days of the labor movement and the deplorable conditions that workers suffered.

You should thank god for leftists and commies because if it weren't for them you'd be shoveling shit with your bare hands in some disease infested packing house. Which come to think of it is probably where you belong anyway!

Did you even bother reading the article or was it too long for you?

The most violent element in society is ignorance.
Emma Goldman