Friday, April 15, 2005

War Without End :: View topic - Neoconning the Media

War Without End :: View topic - Neoconning the Media:

"Every few years, we read of some set of events that imply the 'end of Neoconservatism.' Don't believe the hype. It would be hard to imagine a more profound rebuke to their world view than the various events that have followed in the wake of the Iraqi invasion.

The United States is now less safe, poorer, more hated and more constrained in its ability to fight terrorism than it was before the tragic loss of blood and treasure the war has demanded. And yet the Neocons have admitted almost no mistakes and continue to be rewarded with plum posts in the Bush administration. What doesn't kill them just makes them stronger. In their example lies many lessons for liberals, alas.


SheaNC said...

What I don't understand is, how do they manage to grow stronger from their losses? Like the article says, Iraq is a failure, yet to them and their supporters it's a success. It's really bizarre.

Mike of the North said...

I've come to the conclusion that the vast majority of americans are self absorbed idiots that care for nothing more than their own comfort. If the lies do not impact their favorite t.v. show, or their ability to get a big mac when they want one, then those lies don't matter.